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Slot Games Based on TV Series and Netflix Films

'Vikings,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Orange is the New Black,' 'Little Britain' and 'King Kong' are CIted

These days there are thousands of games online. If you enjoy a particular TV series, you can now play a slot game related to it. We have selected some of the very best for you to ensure you can have hours of fun playing through your favorite TV series. Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, free casino slots games have become accessible to everyone.

If you are obsessed with the History Channel blockbuster “Vikings,” this is the game for you. The show is becoming more popular every day, so it should come as no surprise that a slots theme has arrived. This is the latest slot game based on the historical series. With hugely impressive visuals and sounds from the TV series, you will be right back in the 13th century right on your computer. If you enjoy free spins and maximum jackpots, this is certainly the game for you to play. Become a Viking and play today.

Team up with our favorite characters from Westeros in the multiple Emmy-winning HBO series “Game of Thrones.” This hugely successful and worldwide TV series is brought to you in a slot game format. Go back to medieval times and defeat your enemies with hours of fun. Become part of the game of thrones cast.

This Netflix original series first aired in 2013 and became a global sensation; now, of course, it has its own themed slot game. This game features all the main characters from the TV series and includes the soundtracks as well. You will vene be treated to clips from the series as you play. You can now play and be a part of your favorite TV series .You can also read the up to date ratings and review for “Orange is the New Black.”

If this outstanding British comedy had you in stitches, you could now enjoy it even further with this online slot game, bringing laughter to your screen while you play with Matt Lucas and David Williams. It also includes five outrageously funny bonus rounds including Vicky Pollards ASBO round. You can now get your hands on this game and enjoy hours of fun. You can see the official ratings for “Little Britain” directly from the BBC.

Whether you watched the original or the remake in 2005, “King Kong” is an action-packed film people have loved for years. With this unique King Kong slot game there is no registration, so you can begin playing when you have placed your bet. When you play on jungle mode and hit three King Kong icons, you will receive extra bonuses. You can play here right now, and discover more information and the box office figures for “King Kong” movies.