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Smartbike ZBike 2.0: Give the Most Advanced Smart Bike on the Market

The ZBike 2.0 has become one of the most popular bikes in the world of indoor cycling. Its automatic resistance, silent transmission system and other features make it the most advanced on the market. Experts explain what the most outstanding features of this smart bike are.

The possibilities for indoor cycling, or cycling at home without having to go outdoors, are becoming more and more extensive. In addition, the devices used for this purpose have evolved considerably, as is the case with the ZBike 2.0 Smartbike and other devices, which also offer a very realistic cycling experience -explain several of the professional cyclists who use it daily-. This exercise bike perfectly simulates the shifting of gears of a traditional 15-speed monobike, achieving, among other things, that the sensations of high-level mountain biking can be felt, as well as emulating slopes of up to 20%. In addition to this, there are other features that make it stand out from the rest, according to the majority of users who have made use of it, such as its automatic resistance, its low noise, its simple and quick assembly and adjustment or its design, as can be seen on the manufacturer’s website ZYCLE:

Something that also attracts considerable attention – and one of the main reasons why many users opt for this model – is its hybrid function, both for professional cycling and fitness. This indoor bike allows to elevate the sports experience and improve performance thanks to all the tools it has integrated, being usable by professional cyclists and by those who want to enjoy the benefits of fitness.

Not just another exercise bike, ZBike 2.0 is the evolution of indoor cycling.

The Smart ZBike 2.0 has recently been updated with the latest technological innovations in the sector. It is a model that integrates intelligent resources designed to optimize the follow-up of each session and to be able to monitor performance. Its automatic resistance adjustment, for example, ensures that the resistance is perfectly matched to the training session without the user having to worry about changes at each level. However, the resistance setting can also be manually customized using the backlit pushbuttons on the handlebars, allowing it to be used for casual workouts and for those who want to enjoy high-intensity work. As the professionals at ZYCLE explain: “The sensations offered by the ZYCLE ZBike 2.0 cover a wide spectrum and are one of the features most appreciated by those who have already had the opportunity to enjoy their ZBike 2.0 at home”. The maximum power it achieves is 2,000 W at 120 revolutions per minute.

Also noteworthy is the silent operation of this static vehicle, which has been equipped with a Poly-V belt and a barely perceptible transmission system, with the advantage of not disturbing the neighbors, but also of being able to use it with music and without noise interference of any kind, say ZYCLE professionals. The Smart ZBike 2.0 smart bike also offers exceptional connectivity to work seamlessly with the most popular cycling simulators on the market and with ZYCLE’s own app, designed for both iOS and Android operating systems. Specifically, it features ANT+ wireless, Bluetooth connections and features FTMS protocol support. Another highlight is the integrated USB port, which provides the possibility of keeping the battery of the cell phone or tablet alive during the sessions.

The ZYCLE application, in addition to registering the product warranty, allows you to track sessions by viewing data in real time or reviewing them later, to measure the evolution of performance and detect possible areas for improvement, among other things. The professional cycling tool is complemented by several accessories included in the product, such as a cell phone holder, a water bottle for hydrating the cyclist and mounting tools. Of course, the 12V transformer, instructions and subscriptions to premium simulators compatible with this and other ZYCLE devices are also included.

Unisex design, comfortable and easy to install

The design of this smart bike is suitable for both men and women. Its sporty, aggressive, sleek and sophisticated appearance along with its cutting-edge technology is combined with the V-shaped frame finish and its SPD-compatible mixed pedals; but also the handlebars and saddle designed with maximum user comfort in mind. In addition, the ergonomically designed, high quality padded saddle has a bottom bracket adjustment from 67 cm to 85 cm and a micrometric handlebar to achieve the ideal configuration and position for each training day, they note. The length of the crankset and Q-Factor, on the other hand, are 170 and 188 mm, respectively, while the dimensions of this bike are 860 mm x 1440 mm and 610 mm; its weight is 50 kg to elevate the experience with an unmatched workout, the experts conclude. 

In terms of assembly, this bike can be easily installed at home. It comes with an assembly guide with step-by-step explanations to facilitate the process so that the user can make use of it in just a few minutes.