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Smithsonian Channel Announces New Series ‘The Pacific War in Color’

Eight Episodes are Scheduled

Smithsonian Channel will debut a new eight-part series on Sunday, June 24 (at 8 p.m. ET) called “The Pacific War in Color,” which will trace the epic struggle of the Pacific War. The logline: “The Pacific War in Color” immerses viewers in a graphic and dramatic look through an unfiltered lens. Rare home movies from servicemen capture intimate images of troops on tropical beaches, naval hazing rituals when sailors cross the equator, and morale-boosting USO shows on dusty desert islands. Personal movies shot by pilots in cockpits will also be featured, as will home movies from General Douglas MacArthur showing his family in the Philippines before the war and later in Japan after the surrender.

In each episode of “The Pacific war in Color,” viewers hear first-hand accounts from the men and women who lived it, revealing their humor, fear and courage as they confront the limits of the human experience. From Pearl Harbor to the Philippines, Burma to Tarawa and Peleliu to Iwo Jima, the series adds authentic perspective and dimension to the gripping story of a campaign waged across a vast ocean. The series also goes beyond the battles and bombardments, strategic invasions and critical turning points to address the internment camps, the role of women and other changing social norms. 

The series producer is Dan Wolf and the producer is Justine Schmidt. Executive producers for Smithsonian Channel are John Cavanagh and David Royle.