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Snapchat to Roll Out On-Demand TV Shows

Scripted Content Expected to be Three to Five Minutes in Length

Snapchat has announced it is partnering with an array of initial broadcasters to create special shows for its millennial targeted audience. The initial deals include A+E Networks, NBCUniversal, ABC, Turner, ESPN, the NF and Vice Media, and the company is reportedly also in conversations with CBS and 21st Century Fox. The outlets are expected to show original content three-to-five minute self-described “minisodes” similar to “Planet Earth” in Snapchat’s Stories section.

Announced shortly after Twitter announced it would have 24/7 live video content more news, sports and fashion in nature, Snapchap’s focus is on scripted content with original programming.

The actual content of the shows may look more like YouTube sketches than traditional TV. The “episodes” are expected to be short and vertically oriented to fit Snapchat’s interface and the type of content that its users expect. Some of the concepts will be spun-off off of existing TV brands such as “House Hunters” or “Chopped,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

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