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SocialBakers vs Sprinklr: Which one is the best tool?

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The age of information brought with it an online world which changed the course of conventional media consumption. The advent of social media websites and applications opened up several new avenues to the marketing sector. Brand visibility and perception increased along with a rise in the reach towards the target audience.

In this day and age, the top priorities for brands who opt for social media marketing are, to increase engagement, and to gain more followers for their social media pages. Brands mobilize their resources using best instagram growth services like SocialBakers and Sprinklr which give them a unique set of advantages once involved. Such tools are used for clients who specifically request for a social media marketing strategy.

SocialBakers vs Sprinklr: Concluding the best of best 

About the tool 

SocialBakers is a social media marketing service which not just lets you schedule content effortlessly; it also enables you to review the analytics data after the required content has been posted. The progress of the client can be reviewed every month when you use this tool. 

It offers an easy method to schedule content for each individual client on social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Similar to SocialBakers, Sprinklr is also used as a scheduling tool. But along with that, it also acts as a care platform, a social listening device, reporting database etc. Its use is relatively hassle-free. It is a comparatively fluid platform which enables you to cater the needs of marketing for a brand. The evolving changes in any brand is effectively looked upon by Sprinklr.

Primary motive behind its use

SocialBakers is usually used by people involved in the content creation section or the content approval category. The scheduling of content enables agencies to forward the process of approval to the required clients.

On the other hand, most companies originally use Sprinklr for reporting and publishing. Since the service also works as a care platform, the features can be adjusted according to their requirements. It allows you to effortlessly look for care and engagement opportunities, even when customers do not approach you directly.

Most unique feature 

SocialBakers also enables users to find all kinds of influencers if you require them to activate and publicize certain campaigns for clients. This feature in SocialBakers enables you to find the most suited influencers for the campaign which is very useful as it cuts a lot of time involved in looking for influencers.

The influencer identification feature provides you a list of influencers based on age, location, interests and popularity and you can conveniently make a selection.

When it comes to Sprinklr, the social listening device in Sprinklr provides one of the best active social engagements and conversations, and will ensure an active research database for your brand.

Insights on Management 

With SocialBakers, there are constant errors in the community management spectrum and you also face unexpected glitches.

A system of automated updating of your contacts, and messages and customer service in their care formatting ensures smooth functioning of ideas and strategies when using Sprinklr.

Level of simplicity 

Right from uploading the content, to the approval from the client, all the way to the posting, the scheduling procedure on SocialBakers is completely hassle free. Most of the posts have resulted in a higher engagement which is a great boon while using SocialBakers. 

Regardless, even though SocialBakers automatically constructs a list of influencers to promote campaigns, narrowing down becomes quite a task.

On the other hand, the service sometimes tends to feel a bit too bulky when using Sprinklr. You have to put in a lot of work which can be a daunting process overall. You first need to familiarize yourself with the system in order to work in an effective manner.

Community management, uploads and customizations. 

Uploading gifs and video into the SocialBakers scheduling tool is not permissible which becomes one of the biggest disadvantages, as most media marketing content is based on the video format. If you are looking for community management, this service is not recommended because of the complications in the process and the errors. 

Although Sprinklr has a lot of customized marketing strategies, you can induce a lot of customization to your business ideas and strategies. You can feel free to make changes in the appropriate places. Successful engagement in social media has ensured higher returns.

Additional costs involved 

There is smooth management of content, and the entire process from the uploading to the approval by the clients is carried out in an orderly manner on

Although Sprinklr is convenient and useful for brand promotion, it has multiple additional costs for each individual feature, which will naturally side track a lot of clients from using it. 


Now, in order to build brand recognition on social media, social media marketing services are of the utmost importance. They act as tools which handle the ways in which a brand is recognized, perceived and retained by the audience. Both SocialBakers and Sprinklr have their advantages and disadvantages. 

It is up to you to decide which one is best suited for your social media marketing needs. Overall, SocialBakers is a very useful service for its effectiveness in the scheduling sector. Sprinklr, on the other hand,  seems to be highly beneficial due to its versatility. It can perform many roles from customer and workforce engagement, to management and care.