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Some Original Ways to Save Cash in 2021

Why should I save money and have a constant income or cash flow? That is the question most people struggle with. Yes, you might be earning good cash or on a stable job or business. But who knows what will happen the next minute. Statistics show two-thirds of our making goes to unexpected expenditure which is related to medical care or vehicles.

That takes us back to 2020, when Covid-19 was first declared a pandemic. No one knew it would affect various sectors of the economy. Many people lost their jobs while others had to close their business. This let majority without a source of income. But those who had a bit of cash saved up found life bearable.

If you didn’t have any savings, then life was unbearable during the lockdown measures. Though there is a vaccine being administered, things are expected to go back to normal in November 2021. Therefore you need cash set aside for a rainy day, and here are 15 creative ways to save money in the Philippines.

  1. Cutting down on Electricity bills

During the summer, the sun is hot, and people tend to invest in air conditioners. Although the devices are great in regulating the room temperature, your electric bill shoots through the roof. Instead of installing an air conditioner and worrying about the bills, we recommend installing   panels over the ceiling.

The best insulation panels to use include fiberglass, wool panel, or even foil. There is also the option of using reflective roof paints. The paint bounces of heat from the sun and cool your home in the process. That helps to cool down the house and save on electricity bills. However, remember not to install the panels with Asbestos since it’s cancerous. 

  1. Growing your organic foods

Growing your food helps with your budget and health as well. The trick is having a small garden at the back of the house. You grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs for domestic use at a low cost. This goes a long way in reducing your budget and eating healthy. 

Additionally eating healthy saves your trips to the hospital, this saves you money. Though you can’t grow your food, there are the community markets and farmer’s market. At the market, you will get organic and fresh produce. Plus, they’re very cheap compared to produce sold in grocery stores or supermarkets.

 After purchasing the organic foods, you need to prepare your own food. That prevents you from ordering for fast foods which is expensive in the long run. We also recommend making preparing your own coffee in the morning instead of buying.        

  1. Homemade cleaning products.

Cleaning agents are a must, especially during this pandemic. The detergents help in preventing the virus from spread in the house.  Instead of buying various cleaning agents from the store, which is expensive, why not make your cleaning agents?  

Homemade cleaning agents are cheap, natural, and safe. Research shows cleaning agents work more effectively than chemical-based. And making cleaning agents is a simple process which needs basic ingredients from your farmers’ market or store.

For example, you could use kalamansi, vinegar, and baking soda to make a cleaning agent. To get more tips on making the agents and what to use, search for YouTube videos. 

  1. Avoiding standby electricity loss.

Also, known as “vampire power” is the electricity consumed by appliances while off. Though you may think when a device is on standby mode, it doesn’t consume power, it does. And study proves standby appliances consume up to 6% to 10% of power.

According to the Department of Energy, the power consumption translates to 2-10 watts. This adds to unnecessary electricity bills. To be on the safe side, unplug the devices from the main power socket.

Alternatively, there is the option of using energy-efficient appliances. Though they cost more, the devices are worth every penny. Hence, its wise to save and buy high-quality appliances to reduce power consumption.

  1. Mending your clothes

Sewing your clothes is basic skill you can learn within minutes. You could learn through YouTube videos or even friend or relatives. This saves you cash, which would be spent when visiting your tailor.

On the other hand, we recommend using old clothes instead of purchasing new ones. You might want to keep up with various fashion trends, but it’s expensive. Therefore, find ways of making your old clothes fashionable.

You could choose to add a new patch while sewing to make it trendy. Also, have in mind drying machines damage clothes, which in turn decrease their lifespan. For this reason, we suggest hand-washing your clothes and hang them under the sun to dry. This increases its life span, saving money in the end.      

  1. Shopping in a hurry and stick to your budget

In the Philippines, grocery stores dominate the retail markets, according to Euromonitor’s report. The report states groceries are set up so consumers will spend a lot of time shopping. That ensures one goes through all the allies and purchase what they didn’t want. The concept behind the setup is as you spend a lot of time in the stores, you’re tempted to buy various items.

Some of the things you purchase you don’t need. To avoid this, go through the store as fast as you can and stick to your budget. Controlling your desires helps with reducing unnecessary expenses.   

  1. Exchanging books instead of buying

Reading various books opens your mind and gives you a gist of how life is or would be. Though purchasing books is expensive, there is an alternative. Instead of buying new books, swap with individuals, colleges, friends, and relatives for old ones. 

Moreover, there are book clubs where you can access various books free of charge and enjoy yourself. Besides there are book clubs, cafes and libraries where you can trade, donate and borrow books. However, with the pandemic still ravaging the world, it’s wise to sanitize and disinfect the every book.   

  1. Discount sites and selling products online

The pandemic has forced the business to adapt and move their products online. The move is to help the companies survive the pandemic and still maintain high sales. However, to cope with the online competition, firms came up with new deals.

Here is where you need to capitalize on and save ever coin. Some sites offer the product at affordable prices, and you’ll find their deals crazy. Buy what you need and in bulk to save as much as you and store for future use.

Besides the deals, you can choose to sell your old stuff online for extra income. There are various platforms you can use to sell your items online. The sites include eBay, Shopee, Carousell, or even your social media accounts.

  1.     Reducing entertainment expenses

Entrainment has become a basic need for most households during the lockdowns in the Philippines. People had to spend most of their time in isolation. This forced people to search for online content on their Smart Tvs and Smartphone as well.

It’s a way of avoid stress and depression while in isolation. Some even choose to invest on streaming accounts, such as Netflix, Showmax, DSTV, among others. But to cut on cost we suggest sharing streaming accounts with your friends, colleges, or relatives. 

Apart from streaming accounts, there is the option of subscribing to cable TV. The subscription comes with various channels you can choose from. But, pay for channels you watch which reduces your monthly subscription fee.

Once you’re tired of the streaming accounts and cable TV, take an online vacation. This includes visiting a virtual museum and exploring the art in their gallery. This helps with relaxing your nerves and unwinding. More so, if you are using the Virtual Reality goggles to tour the museum, the experience is magical and overwhelming.

One of the Museums that offer virtual visits is the National Museum of the Philippines, which gives you a 360 Virtual Tour. However, to enjoy this, you need to have Flash installed. 

  1. Drinking at home

We all need time to unwind and relax after a long day with a glass of wine or beer. But to save on cash and staying safe during the pandemic, it is wise to drink at home.  Drink alone is not bad since it gives you a chance to embrace and enjoy your own company. 

Instead of heading out with friends and spend more than your budget, buy the drinks and create your mini-bar. Plus, you can have your friend join you over Zoom call rooms and enjoy your drinks while chatting online. 

  1. Use your bike

 Having a car in a busy city is expensive; because of traffic jams. During this time, your fuel consumption is high if you driving since the engine is always running. Therefore, for such streets, we recommend moving around with your bicycle. You’ll burn the extra calories in your body and saves you time and money.

  1. Purchasing Quality products 

Cheap is expensive, and this is a phrase you need to have in mind. Instead of focusing on cheap products, evaluate the quality of the product. That guarantees durability and value for money. This doesn’t apply to appliances, even your clothes, shoes, and household items need to be of quality. 

  1. Learn to use credit cards and personal loans wisely  

We recommend staying update with your bank credit promos to understand what they offer. That would help in managing your spending. We advise you to borrow money only when you really need it.  It is good if  you expect your income and know when you can pay debt back.

Saving cash this year should be your top priority. Every coin should be budgeted for to avoid unnecessary spending. Though we understand there are times things might be challenging, and you might run low on your savings. Robocash is here for you when such a time comes.

 The platform has affordable and instant loans that would help in emergencies. For new customers, the loan rate is 0%, for regular borrowers, the company offers low rates depending on the amount of the loan. And you borrow as low as PHP 10,000 and as high as PHP 25,000.  Visit Robocash site and make your application.