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Somfy Window Shades and How to Use Them With Samsung’s Smart Things

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The world is getting more technologically advanced, and the idea of understanding a modern home is becoming crucial. Many home appliances today run using wifi or with smart devices. Somfy blinds with smartthings are one of the latest home devices, allowing you to fully automate your window blinds. 

What is the meaning of a smart hub?

Smart hub refers to the communication means for controlling the devices. They provide a central device that your other smart devices will connect to. The smart hub then can control all those devices together.

How to make use of Somfy? 

Somfy motors are used widely by many smart window treatments. Somfy motors help in adjusting the motorized window shades and blinds from anywhere in the house. All the window blinds driven by Somfy are easy to use and are compatible with third party Z-wave hubs.

How to integrate Samsung Smart things with Somfy?

Samsung Smart Things is a multi-protocol controller that comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, etc. It can be paired with any home assistance like Alexa or Google Home. It also works with voice commands, so you can control your shades with your voice.

Somfy Z-wave blinds have Z-wave capability that communicates directly with Smartthings wirelessly. Integration of Somfy Blinds with Samsung Smart things is easy; you only have to install the app. If your Somfy motors don’t have Z-wave built in, you’ll just need to get a ZRTSI bridge which helps add Z-wave compatibility. The bridge connects the Somfy RTS motors to turn them into a Z-wave signal. 


Controlling Comfy Blinds with Samsung Smart Things will not be easy as it is new in the market. But it is an excellent addition to the homes to suit modern and busy life.