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Spanish NIE from Abroad: Dealing with the Essence of Receiving It

If you would love to get a NIE number (Spain), it is certainly a good idea to receive as much info about it as you can in advance. The matter is that there are a few ways of obtaining this ID. Knowing about the basic characteristics of each of them will help you to make the right decision.

So, you are not in Spain and plan to get a NIE number. The process is not going to be hard at all! It is just important to stop at a certain option and stick to it.

Are You Ready for a Personal Visit?

This is what you can deal with in case you are fine with such kind of stuff. To be exact, it is essential to arrange the time you are okay with and visit the consulate or embassy of Spain. Naturally, you should come there with the set of documents so as to complete the procedure of receiving a NIE number as soon as possible. 

But here is a significant note to keep in mind: you may come across different requirements depending on the office you will interact with. Besides, it also matters where you are from.

This is what you need to collect for NIE in Spain before planning your visit to the embassy or a consulate:

  1. Modelo EX15 (a NIE application form).
  2. A valid passport with photocopies.
  3. Two small photos.

Do not forget to pay a government fee which is up to 15 EUR. It is essential to deal with this in the bank with the help of the NIE Form 790. 

Well, you also should think about presenting a justification of why you want to receive a NIE number. The reasons actually can be very different: starting from the internship and ending with getting a property in the country.

So, the option of visiting the office suits those who are used to dealing with applying for certain docs in person. But certainly, there is an alternative to consider too.

What About Getting Your NIE Number Online?

Don’t worry: if you want to have a physical NIE number, you are going to have an opportunity to order mailing of your document (there is an additional fee for it but it is not too relevant). This is a kind of service offered by the most reliable providers.

So, if you want to order your NIE number online, you will have to start by searching for the finest intermediary. The team has to be rather experienced and provide enough guidance even for those who have trouble figuring out how to apply for a NIE number on the site. You can even ask a few questions to see whether team members really care about new clients and decide something after this.

Well, what does the process look like in this case? You do not have to go anywhere and arrange the visit with the consulate or an embassy. It is enough to enter the site of the service provider and take a look at the requirements of requesting a NIE number that will be suggested to you.

After you have got acquainted with this stuff, you may start to get ready. And, here is awesome news: you will not have to prepare too many documents! It is obligatory just to deal with scanning your passport to be able to start. This is all! There is no need to notarize anything or have trouble with other stuff.

You will enclose the copy of the passport to the site, work on filling out the application a bit, and e-sign Power of Attorney.

Again, the requirements may differ depending on who you choose to cooperate with. But typically, there should not be anything that will confuse you. Besides, any matter or hardship can be easily dealt with if you ask a question that worries you.

After you have completed all of the basic steps, you will have to wait for a few days till your NIE number will be sent to you in PDF format. Such an option turns out to be fine for most applicants. Those who want to order a mailing service are free to do so.

As for the price you will have to pay, it is a variable figure which depends on what team is going to be selected. But note that being charged 200 EUR is more than fine in case you expect to receive a qualitative service. Certainly, you are free to search for those who will present you with a cheaper cost (the quality may suffer in this case).

Hope you will have a smooth experience with receiving a NIE number and will be able to use it the way you want and intend to!