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Sports Betting in the US – Things to Know in 2021

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The year of 2021 has been good for betting fans in the US so far. Five more states have legalized sports betting by approving a series of related laws. As a result, a lot of questions concerning sports betting and the ways of conducting it have arisen. Let’s take a look at the ones most frequently asked.

Can I bet on New Jersey apps outside the state?

If you live in the state of New Jersey, where sports betting is legal, you may wonder whether placing wagers while outside the state is still an option. It appears that the majority of betting apps only require your subscription to continue betting from any place. As well, you have to be 21+ years old and bet from the state, where it is legally allowed. Thus, you may place wagers on New Jersey apps even when you’re outside the state. But to do it successfully, you should frequently check livescore on Buaksib and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Can I make bets through the app if I’m in another state?

In those states, where betting is legally allowed, you can do it without any extra actions required. However, betting apps often request access to your geo-location in order to ensure that your betting activity is legally conducted. If you find yourself in the situation where your app doesn’t work outside the state, try VPN. It will mask your IP address, making it impossible to track current location. Consequently, you will be allowed to bet in your favorite apps pretty much everywhere.

Is sports betting legally accessible from where I live?

More and more states are introducing new betting laws, making sports betting legal. However, this activity is yet to become officially approved in all of the US. While some restrictions still exist, make sure to check what the situation is like in your state. 

If sports betting is still regulated in your state, you can use VPN. It will grant you the access to a variety of apps and websites, which aren’t yet allowed in your state, but are so in others. 

What happens when a sporting event that you bet on gets canceled?

Briefly, when a match you bet on gets cancelled, your wager is usually refunded in the full amount. However, it may not happen immediately. Such bets mostly stand for some time until this exact event is played on another date. If it’s not postponed, you get the stake back.

What betting apps allow you to do odds boosts?

Odds Boosts is a new thing for the US bettors, which has been introduced to the market only recently. Boosted odds are limited offers from sportsbooks, which give you a possibility of betting at longer odds. It’s a great way for newbies to learn more about different bets or for advanced bettors to increase their profit. It’s also important to remember that they don’t increase your chances, but increase the payout in case you win. If you are going to do this kind of betting just make sure you take advantage of Doc’s daily NBA updates to stay informed and maximize your odds of winning. Betway and Sbobet are the leaders among online sportsbooks that offer enhanced odds.