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SpotInvest Review – An Introduction to Online Trading

SpotInvest is an excellent platform for beginner investor who needs to venture into online trading. 

Top Benefits 

SpotInvest is a relatively new trading platform, but it is already creating a lot of online buzz amongst traders and investors. The broker has specific trading policies and practices that mainly target beginner traders. However, it also offers other perks for experienced investors. Here are the top benefits of investing with SpotInvest

Extensive educational materials 

One of the main perks of investing with SpotInvest is that it offers a wealth of information to guide traders in navigating the nitty-gritty of online trading. The platform provides extensive educational materials on various topics, ranging from video tutorials, expert commentaries, and industry reports to trading strategies. That simplifies trading for beginners and enables seasoned traders to boost their skills. 

User-friendly trading platforms 

SpotInvest offers three trading platforms: a desktop program, a web-based program, and a mobile app. All the platforms boast simple and clean designs with simple interfaces. They also provide robust, intuitive features and tools, including demo accounts where you can test your skills before investing real money. 

Lower fees 

Investing with SpotInvest also comes with more significant cost savings due to their low margin rates. The platform levies zero commissions on stock, options, and ETF trades. Besides, it does not impose a minimum account deposit, inactivity, and withdrawal fees. That saves traders and investors a lot of money in the long term. Besides, it also makes SpotInvest ideal for retail traders and small-scale institutional investors with financial constraints. 

SpotInvest Pros and Cons 

SpotInvest no doubt offers numerous perks for traders and investors looking to venture into online trading. However, it also has potential shortcomings you should understand before using the platforms. 


  • Extensive educational materials 
  • Intuitive trading platforms 
  • Low fees and commissions 
  • Multiple product offerings 


  • A mobile app is undergoing development 
  • Services are not available in some countries 

Educational Resources 

Online trading might seem simple to some seasoned investors but can overwhelm beginners. Besides, even experienced traders run out of strategies and require new ideas to make informed financial decisions. SpotInvest provides an extensive collection of educational materials accessible to all traders on their platforms. 

The educational resources cover various topics and aspects related to online investing. The materials include videos, articles, webinars, market reports, interactive learning quizzes, and expert analysis. Traders also have access to plenty of data about different products and companies. SpotInvest ‘s trading platforms also have enhanced research tools that traders can easily search for information about various topics. 

The educational resources are free and readily available across all the SpotInvest trading platforms. 

Trading Platforms 

Traders and investors can use SpotInvest ‘s desktop program, web platform, or mobile app to access their services. The venues have intuitive designs with robust, easy-to-use features and tools for all types of traders. The functionalities are almost similar across the platforms to streamline the trading experience for all users. 

The desktop, web, and mobile platforms are compatible with various devices for greater convenience. A demo account is one of the platforms’ unique features that allows beginners to test their skills without risking real money. The brokerage account has all the typical features and tools of a trading account but does not require you to stake real money. It is an excellent way for novices to understand the trading software and how to manage risks when entering and exiting positions. 

The trading platforms also support other functions such as asset screening, price alerts, portfolio reports, charting, multi-leg options, and news. 

Product Offerings 

SpotInvest ‘s portfolio is limited compared to most of its immediate competitors. However, it offers multiple products for different types of traders and investors. Their portfolio comprises the following product offerings. 

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Forex 
  • CFDs 
  • Options 

Fees and Commissions 

SpotInvest has a zero commission’s policy for stock, options, and ETF trades. Besides, traders are not subject to minimum account deposits and monthly inactivity fees. Trading crypto, forex, and CFDs attract different costs and commissions, but the rates are way below the industry average. 

Who SpotInvest is Best For 

SpotInvest mainly targets beginner traders and investors who need an intuitive online trading platform with plenty of educational materials, lower fees, and multiple investment alternatives. However, active traders and experienced investors can leverage those perks to make the most of online trading. 


Start Trading with SpotInvest 


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