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Sprout Orders Season Two of ‘Space Racers’

40 New 11-Minute Episodes Ordered

Preschool network Sprout has greenlit a second season of animated series “Space Racers,” with an order for 40 new eleven-minute episodes. Sprout will air these new episodes in conjunction with repeats of the 50 episodes in season one. In addition to broadcast, the “Space Racers” series will be available on Sprout’s VOD and digital platforms.

“Space Racers has established a loyal, worldwide fan base over the past two years and we are excited to partner with Sprout for the US roll out of season two of the show this fall,” said Executive Producer and Space Race, LLC’s CEO Michael Matays. “Space Racers entertains and teaches kids about the wonders of space and science with references to real space missions. Our goal is to stimulate children’s imaginations and to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, astronauts and explorers.”

“Space Racers taps into preschoolers’ curiosity to discover and learn about the world around them,” said Amy Friedman, SVP, Programming & Development at Sprout. “We’re excited to introduce our viewers to the Space Racers cadets. We think they’ll make a great addition to the Sprout family!”

“Space Racers” follows Eagle, Robyn, Hawk, Starling, Raven and their fellow cadets as they explore the solar system and the universe. Headmaster Crane, Professor Coot and other faculty members of the Stardust Bay Space Academy guide the cadets on missions that cover heliophysics, earth science, planetary science and astrophysics among many science disciplines explained at a preschool level. Along with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp Space Race, LLC, “Space racers” will expand on the existing curriculum of highly engaging lessons focused on the science and technology components of an early childhood STEM curriculum.