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SPY Universal Bluetooth One-way PKE Auto Security Car Alarm System

At SPY Auto Security, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest, most sophisticated passive keyless entry (PKE system) solutions using smartphone Bluetooth technology. SPY one-way car alarm system technology is a first of its kind that allows you to securely lock, unlock, start, and operate your car in various ways using just your smartphone.

If you have ever used remote keyless entry (RKE) car fobs in the past, you will be familiar with how limited in operation they are. With this new technology, you experience maximum convenience, personalization options, and the latest car security options. You can also dress up your car, so to speak, using car lights.

About SPY Car Alarms’ Bluetooth One-Way PKE Remote Control System

This latest keyless entry technology is our SPY car alarm system based on smartphone Bluetooth technology. A control box installed in your vehicle communicates with a control app on your Android or iOS smartphone. According to the different Bluetooth module, SPY one- way car alarm allows you to issue various commands to your car from a range of 3-50 meters.

This convenient technology is universal, meaning that it can be installed out of the box in all vehicle models including Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Jeep, Chevrolet, among many others.

This versatile solution is one-way, which means that only one device – your mobile phone – needs to communicate to issue commands to your car. This system is packed full of new and exciting features, including the following:

Features of the SPY One-Way Bluetooth Car Alarm System

1) Lock and unlock your car remotely in PKE or RKE mode.

With your smartphone, you can configure your car to unlock automatically whenever you are within range. This is called passive keyless entry, where you don’t even need to issue the unlock command.

If you prefer to tap onto the unlock button on the app, you simply configure RKE or remote keyless entry. In both scenarios, you can lock or unlock your car within 50 meters (Bluetooth range) and receive confirmation of the action.

2) Start your car remotely to get it heating up or cooling.

Sometimes you want your car to be ready for you after a long night or after a long day at work. In the hot months, that means getting the aircon running. During the coldest weather, you get the car nice and warm.

With our Bluetooth car alarm system, you can start your engine remotely while keeping the car locked. It allows you to get the electronics running before you reach the car even with ACC off in the ignition. On very cold mornings, you can de-ice your car and get the heat up well before you’re ready to set off.

3) Real-time alerts on the status of your car.

The Bluetooth app allows you to get real-time notifications about the state of your car. You can tell whether the central locking system is armed or not, whether the engine is running, and even where the car is.

If you give another person your car, you can follow its state in real-time with alerts such as engine start/stop. With the right sensors, you can also find out information such as the car’s temperature and fuel level.

4) Remote car operations.

Open your car’s trunk, roll the windows up or down, start the wipers, or do any number of operations remotely using just your phone. Unlike the keyless entry fob that has very limited functionally, our Bluetooth solution is virtually unlimited. You can even program it to obey custom commands.

The multi-function universal keyless entry system also comes with some automated features such as automatically rolling up your windows as you move away from and lock your car. If you have a pneumatic central locking system, it will also activate it and let you know once that happens.

5) Anti-hijacking car alarm.

Anti-hijacking is a relatively new concept, and we are proud to offer it with your remote Bluetooth keyless entry system. You can configure the system to automatically arm the alarm or lock the car when you slow down or stop and set up a secret code to disarm it.

The remote car security system also lets you set up a verification system which you have to input every time you start the car to allow you to drive, else it can stop the engine to prevent driving far.

6) Secure anti-copying, rearm, and emergency disarm.

The sophisticated Bluetooth technology uses secure encrypted data streams to communicate with your vehicle. It makes it almost impossible for criminals to copy the same signal and gain access to your car.

If you accidentally come within range of automatic unlock in PKE mode, you can simply rearm the alarm and lock the car with a simple click of a button. The car will also lock again as soon as you are out of range, keeping your car safe.

7) Find your car

Also called Panic Mode, this feature allows you to find your car in crowded garages and parking lots. Pressing button issues a command to your car to sound the horn and flash its parking lights ten times, thus helping you to find it quickly and easily.

8) Intruder alert and warning system

The system automatically detects vibrations and shocks if intruders are trying to gain access to your car. It will then trigger loud a loud alarm, horn, and flashing lights to scare them away and alert nearby people, while at the same time notifying you through your smartphone.

World-Class Safe and Convenient Bluetooth Car Security System

SPY is a leading producer of car security systems, PKE systems, power windows, smart mirrors, keyless entry systems, parking sensor systems, motorcycle alarm systems, and many more. As a leading producer of car security solutions, our R&D team is always working to create the most innovative and sophisticated solutions to help keep you and your car safe in a convenient and affordable package.

Our latest offering is a SPY car alarm system that works remotely through a control box and a smartphone app. The Bluetooth one-way PKE car alarm system allows you to achieve remote keyless entry using your smartphone with access to many other features in your car.

It’s time to get yourself the cutting-edge technology to keep your car safe with the latest technology while maintaining maximum convenience.