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SquishyMuffinz: Rise to the Top in Rocket League Esports

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SquishyMuffinz will be regarded as one of the most talented Rocket League players of all time. In this article, we dive into how Squishy went from recording YouTube videos with restricted internet to a world champion with millions of followers.

Squishy started playing Rocket League in 2015 when it was in the early beta stages. He stated that the main reason he became good at the game’s mechanics was because he didn’t have good internet for the first few months so he spent all of his time in free play.

In August 2015, his first YouTube video scoring an aerial goal was posted. High quality gameplay videos have been posted ever since, helping him achieve over 250 million views and over 1 million subscribers. Kieron from Pro MB Gaming says “Before Squishy joined a professional Rocket League team, from watching his videos, it was clear he was going to go far with his exceptional mechanical ability.”

As Rocket League continued to grow in popularity and its Esports scene began to develop, Squishy began competing in some weekly tournaments, earning himself a few hundred dollars each month. 

It wasn’t until an Esports team called Iris picked up SquishyMuffinz, Torment, and Lachinio to represent their brand at the upcoming RLCS season 3. Despite the team winning 23 tournaments together, it didn’t quite work out qualifying for the world championships. Therefore, Iris was disbanded and Squishy formed his own team called The Muffin Men. This team consisted of SquishyMuffinz, Torment, and Gimmick.

This trio was the start of an astonishing career. Gimmick settled in very quicky to his new teammates and within 2 months, the team won a global LAN tournament, DreamHack Atlanta. This brought recognition from Cloud 9, one of the largest eSport brands in the gaming industry. 

Their first season representing Cloud 9, the team finished 1st in the RLCS 4 North America regionals and an admirable 3rd at the world championship finals. However, despite losing that loser’s bracket final, it was in this match where SquishyMuffinz performed the famous ceiling shot goal. This was the first time the Rocket League fans had seen a ceiling shot goal at a global live event.

At the RLCS season 6, Squishy and his Cloud 9 got sent to the loser’s bracket after losing in the first knockout round. But after an impressive recovery, they went on a remarkable 7 win streak to become world champions.

Achieving little success after their tremendous victory, it was time for a change after Cloud 9 withdrew from the Rocket League scene. Squishy was approached by NRG who were named the best team in the world at the time. NRG ended up replacing Squishy with TurboPolsa who was a four time world champion, implying how much they believed in Squishy’s ability. Even though this new NRG roster didn’t win a world championship, they won many major tournaments.

SquishyMuffinz is now retired from the pro scene and will go down as a legend of the game. He still publishes content on his YouTube and Twitch channels.