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Steps Personal Injury Attorneys Take to Make Clients a Priority

You Are Unique; Your Case Deserves Attention

You decide you need an attorney, so come to us for help for a qualified personal injury lawyer. Some issues are not urgent, and some are of a vital, critical nature. No matter the legal problem, our attorneys treat you as the only client they serve. You have our attorneys’ full attention.

If you live in or surrounding areas of Austin, Texas, and have a legal matter involving family matters or accident, injury claims, call this firm as soon as possible to get the successful results you seek. The lawyers at this firm are licensed and certified, seasoned, and highly experienced to handle an accident, injury case, and family matters.

When you call us for a legal issue and make an appointment to meet with us face to face, that consultation is a free-no obligation meeting. We give you time to decide if you want our attorneys to represent you. If we need to go to court, rest assured we go to court fully prepared to make sure you win by presenting to the court all evidence that can only help you realize a successful case. We fiercely fight for your rights.

Your Case is Our Priority

If you decide you want us to represent you, we gather all the information by investigating all aspects of your case. Your case is unique, and we treat it as such. Each case may require different steps in the legal process. For instance, if you come to us with an accident injury claim, the steps we take are different from the steps we take in a family matter issue.

Our goal is to take all work and worry away from you and help you feel comfortable and safe and secure, resting in the knowledge that we are taking care of you. We take steps to explain the damages you may be entitled to you in great detail, which is why we need to know everything about your case’s specifics.

Statute of Limitations for Accident/Injury Claims in Texas

Many cases are time-sensitive meaning, while the laws differ from state to state. Texas law states that you have two years to file an accident/injury settlement claim for negligence by another person from the day you were injured. Two years are given in these cases because while you may feel physically and mentally good after your accident, your injuries could present side effects next week; in a few months or in a year. What happens if the side effects of your accident a year ago begin to cause you physical problems? Each person is different, reacting differently to injuries. Each case is different.

Let us determine if you have a legal course of filing a compensation claim. If the side effects of your accident arise after the statute of limitations, your time is up, and you cannot file for compensation. It is a shame that a negligent person.

For this reason, you give us a call as soon as you can after your accident so we can take the proper steps to protect you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially from the effects of your mishap. Come visit us, or we can come to you. Let us know how we can help you. Never let valuable time run out on your ability to file a claim, denying you the compensation you need and deserve. There are a few exceptions to this Texas law, and we can explain them to you and take the proper steps.

We strongly recommend you never represent yourself in a court of law. Big companies such as insurance companies have teams of lawyers whose goal is to protect their interests. You may not get the settlement you deserve. You cannot seek additional compensation.

In Closing, We Are Your Best Advocate

Everyone needs an advocate to go to bat for them at some point in life. If this happens to be your time, know that the attorneys at Evans & Herlihy are leading advocates for you. We serve residents in Austin and surrounding areas. The following are the steps we take when you hire us to represent you.

• Listen attentively to your legal issue.
• Offer advice and help.
• Make sure you win your case.
• We protect your interests.
• We are fully dedicated to your interests.
• We are your most potent advocate.
• We shield you from intimidation by big companies, negligent people, other lawyers.
• We fight for your rights.
• We fight for a fair and just settlement for you.
• We embrace you into our family to help protect your, guide you, and protect your interests.

However, we cannot take any of these steps until you give us a call today at 855-414-1012. This initial call is a free-no obligation call, and we would love to hear your story. We stand ready to help you with any legal issues surrounding your family. We stand ready to help you with any legal claims for an accident and injuries you received due to another person’s negligence.