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Steps to Get Your Hashtag Trend on Twitter

In this millennial era, social media plays a very important role in every aspect of life – personal to business. Facebook is our living room, LinkedIn is business, and Twitter is today’s digital bar where you can speak your mind. In this dynamic world of social media and marketing, Twitter is a platform that comes in handy for businesses and influencers to engage directly with their target audience.

To convey your message to your audience, it gets very crucial that the topic of hashtag you choose is crisp and eye-catchy. The hashtag is one of the most common and important keys in making your tweet viral and reaches the masses. Most of the established business/ bloggers make use of the hashtag rule and use them to spread brand awareness brand awareness and attain the interest of their target.

Now, all said and done, how do we get a hashtag to trend on Twitter? There are multitudes of reasons that make a hashtag more popular. Let’s break it down one by one.

  1. Relevancy – Your created hashtag should be relevant to your business. Relevant hashtags authenticate your content and engage the consumers simultaneously. Also, it is imperative to understand that your hashtag needs to reach a genre of the dedicated audience and should not be full of jargon of spaces.
  2. Simplicity is the key – Consumer will efficiently connect with your content if he/she can make sense out of the matter without referring to external links. Apart from making your hashtag thread, you can also search what people are engaging in right now and what the search trend is. For example, if you have a local hair salon and your target audience is residents, you can use hashtags like #Localhairsalon #NearbySalon. Or you can use relevant fashion hashtags to prompt your brand fast if your field is fashion. While you keep it short and simple, you should also bear in mind that it should be good enough to trend on Twitter.

If you don’t know where to begin looking for twitter trending, is a great place to start. It unlocks a horde of Twitter scoops i.e., what’s trending on Twitter at any point in time. The best thing is that the trends get updated every hour for all countries.

  1. Less is More – To trend doesn’t mean you have to create 100s of hashtags. Follow the old quote here – quality matters not the quantity. Do not use more than 3# in your tweet. People will click on that hashtag to get more relevant content, and the more hashtags you will use the audience will sway from its path.
  2. Have a large, targeted following. Marketers and bloggers who use Twitscoop to share and re-share tweets have well over 40, 000 followers. The more the strength of the audience is, the more are the chances of the hashtag to go viral. You can also engage in a simple tactic – Follow the users of a popular Twitter user who you can identify are most active and likely to follow you back. Hashtags like #f4f, #like4like is a one way to grab the attention.
  3. Give your followers a reason to tweet with the hashtag. Apart from the viral and trending topics that grab the eyeballs of the netizens, marketers and bloggers/vloggers also make use of hashtags to draw the netizens to their business profile through giveaways. Creating a unique hashtag for giveaways is useful for tracking and can make your hashtag standout from the rest.