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Stick To Your New Year Goals with Technology

© by Have some goals leftover from 2021? Looking to get smarter, healthier, and more productive? Download these apps and get started!

Finding the best way to keep your New Year’s resolutions can be challenging, but it has never been easier to get the help you need with smartphones, smartwatches, and other technologies. Here are some excellent tips to make things easier.

Plan a reasonable New Year’s resolution so you can measure the progress.

Often, people fall into the trap of planning an excellent New Year’s resolution that requires superhuman focus to fulfil. That is why it is essential to prepare one that is not too limited to achieve in one year and ambitious enough to be worth acquiring.

Once you set realistic goals, you can easily control them from your smartphone using an app or even from one of the notepad functions. Choosing measurable goals will make it easier to assess how you are doing in the process. For example, instead of planning to be a better runner, decide what specific time you want to achieve your preferred distance.

2022 is here, and after a year of being forced apart, undoubtedly, many of us want to start this year thinking about all the productive things we want to do. Both the goals that we had pending from last year and those things you had never thought about, but now would like to start doing.

To help you benefit from technology, we bring you a list of mobile applications to help you fulfil your New Year’s resolutions. We will try to make it a varied list, with specific ones that help you with particular tasks and generic apps that can help you change various habits.

Stay Healthy

7-minute workout

Getting healthy is a goal that many of us will set for the new year, and this app is one of the best for exercising at home. For this, the app runs on HICT, or high-intensity circuit training, allowing you to do intense but short workouts. The proposal of 12 routines with intervals of 30 seconds, followed by rest periods of 10 seconds, is how this app keeps you in shape.

The application is suitable for when you do not have the finances to buy training equipment for home or go to the gym, especially when you do not have enough time to train. The exercise blocks are in categories. Some, however, will have to be unlocked by watching advertising videos or doing exercises from the Original variety.


Runtastic is one of the best applications for outdoor sports. Runtastic allows you to create interval workouts and do them in continuous runs. While recording the training sessions, it will also record the route you have followed on the map to see it later, and it is a very reliable app in terms of the kilometres travelled and the speeds you reach.

You can use it with its helmet to track by your voice your race data. In addition, it will also keep a log of all the kilometres that you are covering day by day so you can see your progress. In summary, one of the best alternatives for the classic purpose of “on Monday I start running.”


Some advertisers say that life is not about counting calories. Maybe some of us have proposed to control our eating habits a bit for the next few months, and for this, you cannot find applications as efficient as this one. It serves to control what you eat and drink.

It does so with a food base to choose what you have eaten, even having QR codes. Thus, you can enter what you have eaten every time you eat and keep track of calories. It also has extensive food recipes, usually for payment accounts.

Become More Organised and Productive


Having good habits can be a reasonably generic purpose, although that does not mean that there is no application capable of adapting to the different practices you want to improve. HabitHub allows you to keep track of the habits that you want to implement in your life.

Its system bases itself on chains of days in which you perform a task consecutively, creating several that you can organise in different categories. You also have statistics and various types of charts to keep track of for all purposes.


This application aims to help you perform small daily actions to create behaviours that can change your life based on your needs—a kind of virtual trainer to improve your daily routines. You have to tell the app what habits you want to have or goals you wish to attain, and the application will organise your day.

Once you establish the aims you want to attain, the application will show you the small tasks to achieve them every day. It will allow you to create punctual and new reminders, and it will graphically show you the habits you are carrying out.

Cook Healthy


If your purpose is to improve your culinary skills or eat better, the Noodle app suggests healthy recipes from what you have in the refrigerator. You choose from some of the things you have in it, and the app will propose meals and dinners based on healthy recipes to eat better and reduce food waste.

In addition to suggesting recipes to prepare with your food, the application also creates a weekly menu to have a healthier lifestyle. You can also create shopping lists covering the ingredients you need for your designed menu to make this easier.

Read new books

Blinkist: 15-minute Blinks

When we finish college and start working full time, we run into that we don’t have enough time to continue reading and learning.

Also, we must realise that the people around us are spending more and more time reading on our smartphones and consuming content in new spaces, and we wonder how we could reinvent books to adapt them to the cell phone.

And that is how a company created Blinkist, a free mobile application (available for Android and iOS) that offers a catalogue of more than 2,000 books in 18 different categories “summarised” in short readings of 15 minutes each.

The app came from Berlin, Germany, in 2012. It already has north of a million users from all over the world.

If you have some free time at your work or home and want some to do productive things, Go for Blinkist.

You can “read” the books in a series of blinks that take up a page, but there are also sound versions (for a fee) that you can listen to while you are in the car or on the bus, or at the time of day that you like the most. Convenient.

They are all non-fiction books and are available in English and German.

Learn new skills with these apps

Expanding your knowledge and skills not only keeps your brain active but also your body, helping you get out of the daily routine. There are many alternatives, from learning to play a musical instrument, drawing classes, learning to play chess, you decide the best and what interests you the most


While there are many applications to help you learn a new language, Duolingo is one of the leading and most popular. This application offers the user a way to progress from basic concepts to perfection in a language through a series of small daily exercises.

Courses are available in many languages, including German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese. Daily exercises contain three to four types of tests, based on the learning they wish to impart to you on that particular day, and they bet on the learning program to make it more enjoyable.

Available on Android and iOS

Fender Play

Being a self-taught guitarist (or musician in general) in 2020 is just as complicated as ever. Still, today there are a wide variety of applications, software and websites to choose from on how to take your first baby steps with the guitar.

Fender Play is the proprietary app of the legendary guitar brand, which three years ago presented one of the best learning tools, if not the best. With hundreds of easy-to-follow lessons and guides to improve your finger play and skill, the app guides you through various questions about preferred instruments and genres before those answers guide you in creating a comprehensive curriculum.


Our daily rhythm has us immersed in routines and processes that take away quality time. Apart from investing time at work, as it is necessary, investing it in spending time with our family, friends and other people is vital to us, as it will help us improve our well-being. 

The human being is a social species par excellence. We need the contact of others to feel fulfilled, accompanied and loved.

It is also essential to spend time doing tasks that bring us happiness. In this way, we prevent stress, increase self-esteem and are more optimistic. With things as simple as watching a movie or series that we like, getting a massage, cooking our favourite dish, taking a relaxing shower, we get a very positive effect on us, which helps us face our day to day in a better way.