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Strongest Actors of All Times

Who is the strongest actor in Hollywood? We are sure that you cannot name one. Hollywood has been blessed with some phenomenal actors whose jaw-dropping performances and roles have impacted people in more ways than one. While most people love different actors for their own reasons, there are a handful of strong actors who are loved and revered by all – we’ve left out The Rock because that’s an unfair advantage. We bring you the names of the strongest Hollywood actors of all times!

Robin Williams 

How can we not mention Robin Williams in the list? Known for his humorous roles and being an inspiration to many across the world, the actor was one of the strongest actors Hollywood has ever witnessed. Not only was he known as a great comedian (Mrs. Doubtfire has a huge fan base), but he played diverse roles such as Genie in Aladdin. Even years after his death, he is still alive in the hearts of his fans.

Rowan Atkinson

Known for his iconic character Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson has fans of all ages. From children watching Mr.Bean’s animated series to adults watching his movies, Atkinson’s films are loved by all. He is one of the few actors who bring life to their characters in an extraordinary way. His silent movie tricks made a serious leap when he acted in Johnny English – a record-breaking movie. Atkinson’s ability to flawlessly perform all the different characters without many dialogues is something not many actors possess.

Charlie Chaplin

Born in the United Kingdom in 1889, Charlie Chaplin is considered by the world as a magnificent actor even many years after his death. He had a massive impact on the cinema. Did you know that he satirized Adolf Hitler in the movie The Great Dictator? And he did exceptionally well. He worked as an actor, director, editor, and composer for almost 75 years. Chaplin also received two honorary Oscars. 

Tom Hanks

There are many reasons why Tom Hanks is ranked among the strongest actors of all times. His ability to do challenging roles has earned him the reputation of a seasoned actor. He has played characters that many other actors rejected simply because they were tough. While examining his acting career, one cannot ignore the number of record-breaking and billion-dollar films Tom Hanks has been a part of. 

Morgan Freeman

Next up, we have one of the most loved actors of Hollywood – Morgan Freeman. Apart from movies, Freeman has performed phenomenally on stage as well as across TV. Seven, Shawshank Redemption, and Million Dollar Baby are a few of his several iconic movies. His charismatic roles and down-to-earth personality are the main reasons why millions of people love him.


So what defines the strength of actors? There are many factors. However, the ability to flawlessly perform diverse characters while adding a signature touch is characteristic common to all strong actors. Acting is an art that only a few have mastered. But those who have will always be remembered as the strongest actors of all times.