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Successful Betting Tips on Esports

Betting on Esports is quite simple and fun. That is the reason a lot of people have seen so much reason to fall in love with Esports. There is a lot of interest in the growing expertise market, no wonder it is already worth $1billion a year, and it’s increasing in value on a daily basis. However, most people are involved because it’s an easy way to have fun with some favorite games; League of legends, Call of duty, PUBG, FIFA etc. While there are others that have seen it as an opportunity to make some money and it is usually not a bad thing because looking at it from a different perspective Esports is actually profitable.

Esports betting is simple and easy as you don’t need to learn a lot of complicated things to make a simple profit, rather you just focus on the basics and gain some experience, then any other thing follows suit. Actually we would love a quick and smart way to have a general knowledge about Esports betting and that is exactly what this article offers. Looking for some successful betting tips on Esports? Then you are reading the right article as it states a rundown of successful betting tips on Esports that can put you on the right track to a quick and faster payout.

1. Use a Well-known Betting Site

In most regions and areas around the world, online betting sites are used to bet on Esports apart from some regions like the UK where there are some sportsbooks or land based bookmakers that take Esports wagers. Betting online is the best option when it comes to betting on Esports and the first important thing is to make use of the right site for your Esports betting. There are a lot of sites that offer Esports betting but they are not of the same standard. Most of them are “adequate”, but there are others that are terrible and should be completely avoided. However, there are also a few that have stood out as being significantly of higher quality than others like bovada esports.

2. Bet with Purpose and Bet Selectively

For every sports bet you make, the primary purpose of placing a wager is making profit. Asides from the fun and interest that comes along, we should have a clear purpose in mind why we are placing bets, also to stick to a particular game and game you have good knowledge of will improve your winning chances. So you need to always bet purposely and selectively.

3. Set Your Betting Budget and Stick to It

The first rule of being a professional and experienced betting enthusiast is to know the value of setting a reasonable betting budget and sticking to it. This is important while betting so as to avoid falling into the trap of accidentally betting too much when there is so much tension in the rave of the moment. In Esports having a certain budget and sticking to it is very important as the outcome of games could be so unpredictable, which means there is a chance of frequently losing your bets and this is where having a betting budget comes in to take care of those losses and ensuring you keep betting in the long run.

4. Compare Odds and Shop Around for the Best Odds

Generally, it’s wise that before you place your bets on any Esports you take some time to check on different Esports betting sites on the different bet odds that are available on a particular sport. You may be surprised that those little differences could amount to much. Actually it might be a bit stressful but there are sites that offer you the best price on the market for your bets on Esports.

5. Use Cash-outs

Cash-out is one of the recently added Esports betting strategies that is becoming common. Cash-outs allow you to collect your bet early before the market has been finalized. This is how it works, example, you bet a tenner on Team A to beat Team B at odds of 6.00, assuming Team A takes an early lead maybe in the first half in the case of soccer, you could then have an option to cash out early at least a part of the profit.

6. Try Smaller Contest Too and not only Major Tournaments

Most Esports fans don’t normally know these small tips, i.e. to place your bets on a smaller contest instead of the big names tournaments. As long as you have a good idea on the tournament and market, betting in smaller contests is not a bad idea at all. Usually doing big tournaments like Dota 2 International or League of legends worlds, most sport bookers set the odds on the large events so that the odds are in their favor, but picking a smaller advantage offers you more opportunity of eliminating the house advantage. So therefore if there is a smaller contest that offers better odds then it is a big opportunity to scout and take advantage of.

7. Don’t Forget Your Strategy for Every Gameplay

Gameplay strategies are always very important in Esports, due to their quick and rapid change we need to keep ourselves updated with the latest information and developments. Teams will create their own gaming experience and skills, their own attacks and defenses depending on who they are playing and this is what determines winning or losing a match. So it is important to always remember to research and know the gameplay strategies that are unique to your team of choice.

8. Know The Value of Your Bets (i.e. High Value or Low Value)

Knowing the value of your bets is possible from having a good knowledge of the teams and players (i.e. their strengths and weaknesses). It is helpful in distinguishing between a good bet and a bad one.

9. Follow Your Favorite Esports and Know Your Key Players

Just like for the soccer lovers, we would love to wager on our top teams like Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona etc. to win our bets. It is also important to know the strength of each competing Esports team before you place your bets on them. Also a good knowledge of good pro gamers that have turned in winning performances for their teams is also good and helps in winning a placed bet.