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Super Bowl 52: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Match-Up is Just 10 Days Away

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and millions tune in every year around the world to watch. February the 4th will see the 52nd Super Bowl take place, the 48th in the modern era of the NFL. It’s being held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota with music superstars such as Pink and Justin Timberlake performing on the night during the Half-Time Show. With the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles now confirmed as the teams doing battle on the night, it should once again be a great event to watch.

First of all, it’s not really that much of a surprise to see the New England Patriots make the Super Bowl, and what’s even less of a surprise is that they have already been installed by most bookmakers as the heavy favorites to be declared Super Bowl 52 champions. Fans looking to have a wager on this epic match should visit the home of online betting:, sports site that has a list of all reputable online betting sites as well as all the latest news and opinions on the two teams. The Eagles made their way to the Super Bowl by knowing their place as underdogs, as well as thriving off of the status too. They will begin the night as true underdogs, but that could be enough motivation for them to go on and shock the world against the defending champions.

Most fans and pundits expected the final to feature the Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings, however the Eagles managed to thrash the Vikings; and they certainly have a great chance of beating the Patriots on the 4th of February, underdog status or no underdog status. What’s more is that if the Patriots underestimate their opponents on the night and feel they have already defended their crown before the game has begun, they could find themselves in serious trouble.

The Eagles are well equipped to make like very difficult for the Patriots, but can you afford to back against a team with Tom Brady in it? Brady pulls the strings; he makes things happen and gets the team playing. This Patriots team knows how to win in situations like this, and on the big stage too; so these abilities could prove be crucial on the night. The Patriots have even shown that they have the resolve, heart and desire to come from behind to win; so even if the chips are down on February the 4th, you can still see them coming out on the top by the end of the fourth quarter.

It’s certainly going to be a huge night of NFL action at the US Bank Stadium as the Eagles’ extremely smart coaching staff send out their team looking to outsmart the defending champions. It may come down to who has the best offence on the night and the Patriots are well known for having real precision and the ability to be extremely clinical offensively. Don’t write the Eagles off though. They will be playing to win and certainly will be able to cause the Patriots problems, especially with how well they move the ball. What remains to be seen is whether or not they have enough quality to see it through to the end, but it should be a great match either way.