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Super Bowl and Academy Awards still make Americans gather ’round the TV despite DVRs and streaming

Some Sunday nights around the television never change, no matter how many streaming devices or extra screens we bring to the living room. Just look at the perennial viewing parties for the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.

Even as more cord cutters get their TV fixes via computers, tablets and streaming gadgets, and time-shifting fans delay their gratification with their DVRs, there’s still something timeless about those congregations that gather every Super Bowl Sunday and Oscar Sunday to witness the spectacles live on TV.

“These are events in our culture,” said Marc Berman, editor in chief of Programming Insider, a website and newsletter dedicated to all things television and media. “They’ve been around for decades. They’re exciting. They’re live. They’re competitions. And we want to participate, and we want to do it in a group setting. We want to make a party out of it.”

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