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Super Flag Bet: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Game! 

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In recent times, the Super Flag form of betting has gained momentum in the domain of sports betting. Though it can be a little complicated for casual bettors, and many find it similar to the Canadian betting format – however, it offers singular stakes at 10 pairs making it one of a kind! With up to 5 selections in different events, one can derive a minimum of 46 bets at a go! 

Now that you are hovering on this page, let us give you a complete breakdown of this highly rewarding bet for you to indulge in as and when you prefer. 

How does the Super Flag bet format work? 

For the unversed, the Super Flag Bet is a category of combination bet, wherein, you have up to five selections, and can create a maximum of 46 personal or individual bets. In the process of making that bet, you must include – 10 singular stakes, 5 four-fold options, 10 trebles, and only 1 five-fold. Also, at the very outset, with a Super Flag Bet calculator, you can summarise the stakes you will put in, the returns that are expected, and the profit margin offered. 

This advanced betting brings under its overarching roof, multiple bets that allow betting options on a range of sports activities. 

How many bets are allowed in Super Flag formats? 

In this range of combination bets, what an individual bet offers is of prime importance. Let us showcase the same for you – 

  • The Doubles Bet format 

To start with the easiest and maximum payout format – the doubles bet offers putting of wagers on two separate selections chosen. To gain that total payout, the player has to bet in a manner that both his chosen selections win! The tricky part is, that even if one payout fails, the total bet is lost. But the winning part is – when you strategically put the bets after calculating the stakes with the betting calculator offered – then you can assign a smaller betting amount at each wager. This helps reduce the total wager and thereby minimize your loss considerably. 

  • Trebles Bet Format 

You have already seen how the doubles format functions. When talking about the bets allowed in the treble format, all you need to know is that another selection is added to the list. So, when betting for a basic return, you need to win all three selected options. 

  • Singular Stakes within the Bets 

This comes with two separate wagers and double selections. The preliminary wager comes in two parts. Unlike the first one, the second wager reverses the format of the traditional order. Its winnings from the second part of the bet are further used to expand the betting process. 

The biggest benefit here is – if both wagers win, you get the complete payout, but even if one wins – you also get some amount of money! 

  • Details about the Fold Bets 

In terms of fold bets – four-fold and five-fold alternatives are there to pick from. While in four-fold you need to pick all four picks, when it comes to five-fold, you must ensure that all your selections win this game. It is at this stage of the Super Flag bet that the chances of potential payouts rise incredibly. For the unknown, this accounts for 20 bets out of the 46 individual ones. 

Whether it is horse racing we are talking about, or even betting in terms of football (or any other online game of chase you pick) – you need to see which of the stakes works most for you and how you can go about dealing with it all! 

For the record – when you use this for an online soccer game, then you must bet on five separate football games. At the same time, in the case of horse racing, you can look at gaining a straight win! Additionally, with the calculator in tow, you can easily pick up the stakes and count back your approximate winning amount. 

Why indulge in Super Flag betting? 

With too many other options in tow, why must you indulge in Super Flag betting? Or rather, what are the criteria that make this betting’s offerings more attractive vis-a-vis the others? Here are the fundamental reasons – 

  • This allows you an enhanced betting experience. Since it is a combination bet, therefore, the stakes required are varied. Added to that, winnings from each selection can be easily rolled over to the immediate next selection. 
  • If you are experienced, then you know which bets to play. But one of the biggest plus points of the Super Flag betting option is that it is suitable for novices as well. There is a plethora of options to choose and assuredly you will win some of your wagers back, even when you score low. 

Rest assured, if you are a newbie, or do not know the right way to calculate – with a return calculator, you can wound up your winnings. 

Quick tips to keep at hand 

Now that you have gained a complete idea about Super Flags and the reasons for betting on it, let us quickly hand out some tips to you – 

  • Always do your research well and understand the betting opportunities available. Once you pick the ones that provide you with maximum potential returns, strategize to pick the same. 
  • Though Super Flag betting involves numerous smaller bets, but, it is always safe to allocate a fixed amount for the betting and stick to that value. 

Conclusive thoughts 

Sports betting in casinos has re-emerged like never before. Whether it is soccer we are talking about, or even betting at horse races, apart from the thrill of the game, the returns from such casinos have increased multifold. At the same time, the investment amount has been controlled and the return guarantees are at an all-time high! Having said that, you must opt for the correct betting calculator available to ensure you win – guaranteed!