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Surge Trader Audition Fees and Minimum Deposit  

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The one of the most critical factors in selecting a broker, behind reliability, is evaluating the amount of the fees. It is more beneficial to trade with a broker whose fees are lower and whose structure is more varied. The minimum deposit, another significant factor, may give a broker an advantage. This is particularly essential for new traders who cannot initially afford to make substantial investments. The size of Surge Trader minimum deposit has also been evaluated by analysts, who have also conducted a fee study of the platform.

Surge Trader’s introduction

After completing the test, traders can handle investments starting at USD 25,000 through SurgeTrader, a prop firm. Florida serves as the home base for this international corporation (USA).

Available Packages and Fees

The six packages that this prop company offers:

Starter: A $25,000 balance is available. $250 is the audition fee.

Intermediate: $50,000 in the account’s balance and the audition fees are $400.

Standard: $100,000 is the balance of the account. A $700 audition fee

Advance: A $250,000 account balance. A $1,800 audition fee

Expert: $50,000 in the account. $3,500 is the audition fee.

Master: A $100,000 account balance. $6,500 is the audition fee.

Similarly, the amount of the audition fee depends on how much balance you will be permitted to handle. If you succeed in this audition, which functions as a practical test, you’ll have access to the company’s funds.

The most affordable package costs $6,500 and, if you pass, will give you access to a capital of $1,000,000. The cheapest package is $250.

Pick the one that best suits you, pay for the audition, and choose one of these packages. You can take the test as often as you’d like by paying the fee. You can use a credit/debit card or PayPal to make the payment. This is a one-time payment rather than a recurring monthly subscription.

You should also be careful that whether you pass or fail the audition, you will only lose more money than the audition fee because SurgeTrader will cover any losses in the live-funded trading account.

Now that you have paid for the package you want to select, you will be given an email with your account login information and the platform download link. At this point, only one need must be met for you to pass the evaluation: you must earn more than 10% of your total account amount. There are no restrictions on the minimum number of trading days or deals, as there are with other personal brokerage firms.

The minimum deposit for surge traders

Application through email and payment of the chosen tariff package is required before cooperation can begin. Access to the test account and the terms of its launch will be provided to your email once payment has been received.

The requirements include receiving a 10% profit and abiding by the prop company’s trading guidelines. If you pass the test, you’ll receive access to a real account with test account-like restrictions through email. You will first need to pass some type of challenge in order to get a best funded trader accounts.

Why is a minimum deposit requirement essential?

For new traders and those with low financial resources, it’s essential to consider the broker’s minimum deposit requirement. Various brokers provide various levels. The entry threshold for some companies that specialize in working with professional traders is typically in the thousands or tens of thousands of US dollars. Beginner-friendly brokers have minimal minimum deposits. It might be $1, $500, $100, or even more.

Additionally, minimum deposits may vary based on the type of account. This is another crucial aspect to consider. Traders can benefit from better conditions while spending little money on opening their charges if a broker has a low entry threshold.

PROFIT WITHDRAWAL: You can take your gains at any moment for the first withdrawal, but after that, you must wait at least 30 days or once a month before making another withdrawal request.

You can use PayPal and Visa/MasterCard debit cards as an electronic payment method to pay for the audition, but only bank transfers are an option for withdrawals.


First and foremost, Surge Trader sets itself apart from competitor companies and exploits them with its simple and direct, one-step auditing procedure. This shortens the process’s time and improves the chances for success for every trader who tries it, especially in light of the reasonable requirements and profit targets it sets. A fully funded trader scheme that best funded trader accounts with reputable prop firms up to $250,000