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Tabletop Tips: An Active Family’s Guide to Indoor Activities

Staying active is more than just boosting your physical health. Exercise has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety, lower stress, improve sleep, and even enhance your memory. The mental health benefits and social benefits of keeping fit are only elevated by staying active with your friends and loved ones. It’s important to prioritize active time with your family to ensure that you all stay healthy and happy.

Although being active indoors may seem difficult, with a little planning and creativity, there are actually a lot of ways that you and your family can break a sweat together without ever leaving your home. Becoming a more active family will make you all feel better, allow you to spend more time together, and create a close family bond. Be sure to choose activities that you all enjoy to ensure your family sticks to their new active lifestyle. 

Let’s take a look at just a few energetic indoor activities that you and your family can try to make staying fit fun.

Try Table Tennis

A table tennis table can provide hours of endless fun for your family. Running around the table playing Round Robin, having mini-tournaments or playing doubles are all great ways to have fun with your table. Not only is table tennis a great way to be active indoors, but learning the basics is also quite simple, allowing you and your whole family to start having fun right away. 

Play Balloon Volleyball

Use the couch as a net and divide your family into two teams to play balloon volleyball. Using regular volleyball rules, hit the ball over and back to each other until one team emerges victorious. If you have older kids, try playing with one hand behind your back, or introduce multiple balloons to up the ante. 

Have A Dance Party

There’s nothing better than putting on your favourite playlist, turning up the volume, and letting loose. Let your kids help you to create a playlist so that everyone has input in the music for your dance party. Practice some new moves together, follow a dance workout DVD, or just have fun boogying around the house together. 

Start Hula-Hooping

You don’t need much room to get a hula-hoop swinging. This activity caters to kids of any age, and you can be sure the adults will have some nostalgic fun too. Have a contest to see who can keep their hoop swinging the longest, or who can spin the most hoops at one time. Leave your dignity at the door, swing those hips and have some real family fun! 

Go Digital With Wii Fit

Spending time in front of a screen as a family might not seem like the best way to stay active, but with video games like Wii Fit, you can have fun playing tennis, skiing, dancing, and a myriad of other fun activities. You’re bound to find a game that appeals to every member of the family, so get ready to compete against each other in a selection of fun and engaging challenges and have your very own family Olympics from the comfort of your living room!

Do Yoga Together

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a yoga amateur, this low-intensity activity is a wonderful and inclusive way to spend active time indoors with your family. Starting your yoga journey is as simple as jumping online to find some family yoga classes, choosing a video that you like, and following the teacher’s instructions. There are classes designed specifically for young kids that use animal names instead of the traditional posture names to make things a little easier to understand for your little ones. 

Get Active With Your Family Indoors And Have Fun!

Staying active as a family is an important and wonderful way to stay connected and healthy at the same time. When the weather isn’t on your side, you and your children can still get a great workout indoors whilst having lots of fun all the while. Making fun the main focus of your active indoor time will ensure that your kids will be excited not only for family time but also for staying active and healthy too!