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Taboo Topics that YouTube Does Not Monetize

Monetization on YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform in the world, has made it possible for people to earn money by producing content. Currently, over 16,000 YouTube channels have more than 1 million subscribers. And the number of monetized channels are also high. In general, such channels include gaming, sports, tips about various things.

However, it should be mentioned that there are taboo topics on YouTube that are not monetized. Yes, they might have lots of subscribers, but that is not helpful all the time. In this article, we will talk about those topics.

Hate speech

We live in the era of social media where hate speech is rampant. It causes a lot of disturbance among people, and it is very hard to hamper. YouTube channels that produce hate speech encourage other people to verbally assault a particular group and do not receive monetization from YouTube.

Casino scammers

In general, there is nothing wrong with streaming online casino games and showing it to people. People find it enjoyable to watch others winning money on slots, poker, and other games. But… unless you are directly involved in a scam.

One Canadian channel allegedly on YouTube was blocked due to this reason. The guy was normal at first glance, playing Canadian slot games, winning and losing every now and then. He also told people to try slots as well, but it was found out eventually that the “casino” he was playing did not really exist. It was a scam – made up by him to convince people to deposit their money on a virtual account. And the money was going directly to him.

Channels depicting sexual material

Such channels were prevalent at the early stage of YouTube. A lot of content on YouTube depicted sexual material and in some cases – abusing content as well. No surprise it was interesting for viewers, and a lot of them willingly watched the explicit depiction of sexual scenes, but no longer such channels are seen in the daylight. They do not get monetization from YouTube.

Channels depicting gore

Similarly to sexual material, channels depicting gore, blood, and violence are not allowed to receive monetization. To be more specific, if found out, such channels face complete destruction. While the development of the Internet and technologies made it easier to access everything, such channels are also established, and surprisingly, they have a lot of followers.

Minority mocking channels

In a democratic and liberal world, the rights of every person should be respected. No matter his or her color of skin, religion, race, or sexual orientation. YouTube has a strict framework of banning every channel that features mocking and deriding people, who represent minorities. We can be specific and mention LGBT groups who are frequently subject to harassing.

Calling people to violence

We can always find groups and websites online that try to encourage people towards violent behavior. Channels on YouTube that provoke and incentivize violence, war, aggression towards a group of people or an individual is not a subject of monetization. Nevertheless, YouTube has the right to remove such a channel, if a lot of people report it.


There are almost 30 million channels on YouTube, and the number is growing every day. It is very difficult to discover each of them – especially if people do not make complaints. Monetization has become very popular on YouTube. It is very beneficial, and each individual can make a fortune if he or she produces good content, but the dangers of creating channels that include taboo topics are present all the time. We cannot escape it.