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Tawain’s Anson Chen Plans His U.S. Acting Debut

Chen's Resume Include Notable Films Like 'Turn of the Ugly Guy' and 'Bodyguard of a Mature Girl'

With the success of Asian actors like Ken Watanabe, Ziyi Zhang, Constance Wu and Ken Jeong, it’s no wonder that Taiwan’s Anson Chen (Hsi An Chen) wants to come to Hollywood to act in movies and television!

“I have always enjoyed watching movies; they have provided me with a chance to daydream,” Chen exclusively told The Programming Insider. “As a young boy, I felt like the films I saw were so incredibly inspiring, they gave such a spark to my creative imagination.”

Chen first came to the U.S. with his family as a child and returned, years later, to get his college degree at University of California-Riverside Extension. He then enrolled into their joint program in Los Angeles Film School.

“I absolutely loved studying film and being out and about in Hollywood. While I was living here, I participated in several local non-profit associations, helping them to produce and host gala events and variety shows. My hope is to return soon to the area and start auditioning!,” he said.

Chen is that rare cerebral actor who is aware of his dynamic physique and personality but wants you to see the depth of his artistic soul. The young actor has been tirelessly working on the Taiwanese independent film, “Turn of the Ugly Guy,” which can be seen on the popular platform, Iqiyi.

“I play the lead ‘handsome guy’ in this movie, but I truly think people should not be judged by their looks,” he emphasized. “The heart is so more important than anything physical. This movie is trying to send the message, that the superficial is to be ignored. Your looks might fade away, but the heart always stays.”

While Chen is fortunate that people think he has an intriguing look, he well understands how the external attributes do not last. “I want people to see the quality of my acting skills, not just a pretty face. A good actor can draw in an audience by the nuance of their words and depth of emotion.”

Another movie project Chen had an exciting supporting role in was the feature length drama, “Bodyguard of a Mature Girl.”

Chen is open to acting in both romantic comedies and melodramas. “I like to play a character that comes with different layers. And I would love to be a Marvel Comics super hero too, where I put on lots of makeup and have special effects too!” he quipped.

Nowadays, Chen is still an avid movie watcher, loving Oscar-winning films films like “La La Land,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” “These movies touched me deeply; they are films where the protagonist has a creative dream and goes for it. That’s something I definitely want to do in my life!”

He continued: “It may seem far away for me in reaching the goal now, but I know if I start trying now, I will get there!” he enthused.

And, of course, any Ang Lee project is also a source of inspiration for Chen.

“Mr. Lee is a great director and screenwriter also from Taiwan,” he said. “I greatly admire the years he worked so hard before he got famous. And he can work with any genre of film, and has a wonderful ability to tell stories from a myriad of cultural standpoint.”

Chen is ready to come back to the U.S. for several new co-productions he is working on. “I can’t wait to work on my new projects, it’s all very exciting!,” he stressed.

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