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Technology Behind An Online Casino

Online Casinos and their games are enjoyed by people all over the world. The industry has come on leaps and bounds since the very first casinos appeared online, with fans now able to play on the go with mobile apps, and enjoy their favourite games without having to download anything or even install a casino onto their computers for access to a huge number of games.

But what about the technology behind all these amazing technological feats you can find at an online casino? That’s what we’re going to take a look at today. We’re going to take at everything from the software itself to other elements at online gambling sites.

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Casino Software

One of the most intensive technological factors at online casinos is the software. These games require some sophisticated and advanced programming know-how. They require extremely skilled and competent programmers to create an initial infrastructure, and then plenty of computer engineers to help out with other aspects.

Many online games are made using the C++ programming language, as well as a bit of Python. On top of this, there’s the Random Number Generation that needs to be programmed in as well. This is a vital part of the game, as it ensures everything is kept fair and above board, creating random patterns of game results.

It’s this technology which determines the outcomes of any game. When a player hits the spin button on an online slot or an online roulette game, this RNG technology will dictate what the reel combination will land on or where the roulette ball will land. Any reputable online casino will have games that have the most advanced RNG tech to make sure everything is fair.

Payment Technology

Another huge aspect of tech that constantly keeps getting upgraded is the tech behind online payments. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for a check in the post or even a few days for a bank transfer. With the latest tech available you can have your winnings in your account within minutes, if not seconds!

The biggest recent tech developments include the creation of e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. E-wallets such as PayPal have revolutionized not just the online casino industry, but almost every industry. This easy and fast method of sending or receiving funds is incredibly secure and doesn’t divulge any of your financial information to the casino, keeping you safe.

Cryptocurrencies have also caused a huge stir in the industry. Many online casinos are now accepting Bitcoin and other big Crypto coins, thanks to their safety and speed. You can even find games powered by the Blockchain technology that’s behind cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Casino Software

Just a few short years ago, mobile casinos weren’t really a thing. But thanks to the development of HTML5 technology, players can now enjoy a majority of their favourite casino games on any sized screen.

You can play online roulette whilst on the move. Enjoy a few spins of your favourite slot whilst lounging on your sofa, or even play some live baccarat whilst you’re on your lunch break. The choice is staggering.

This freedom thanks to mobile casino technology has been a huge driver for the industry, opening up the casinos to more than just the people who want to sit at their computers and play games.

Casino Safety

Finally, we have the security behind the online casino. Online security is a very serious matter, especially in such a high-volume business like gambling. These sites need watertight security to ensure that players and the casinos themselves stay safe.

SSL security is one of the biggest ways online safety has upgraded in terms of technology. This sophisticated security method encrypts data that is entered on the site, making sure any personal information the players enter is encrypted and kept safe from any potential hackers.

2FA or 2 Factor authentication is also a big part of keeping players safe, sending a code to the players’ mobile phones whenever they log in. This tech has made waves in almost every industry where there’s money involved, adding another layer of security on top of SSL encryption.


As you can see, technology plays a huge part in online casinos being so successful. Without the tech and the people behind it, There’s almost no doubt the industry wouldn’t be as successful as it is.