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Technology is Breathing New Life Into Established Offline Games

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It is hard to imagine a world without the internet and the powers of technology, but once we managed to exist in this way. Technology has changed our lives beyond all recognition, simplifying, streamlining, and sometimes complicating. But it has also changed the way we are entertained, including streaming, puzzles, music, and various forms of games. But what about games we used to play offline that are now getting a new lease of life?


For years, people would associate bingo with the older generation, church halls, and aging callers making bad jokes. But things have changed. First came the adoption of bingo by younger agree groups and the creation of cool, modern, and fashionable bingo halls. Powered with better technology, including music, food, drink, and socializing opportunities, the game began to shed its old image. But the internet moved things along even more.

Online gambling has become very popular in the last few years with players of all different ages, and bingo has been no exception. A raft of bingo sites has popped up with various options and themes for avid bingo players. Bingo games at Paddy Power are just one example of the variety of high-end games on offer, providing quality graphics tailored to the demands of a much cooler audience. In fact, online bingo is one of the more popular forms of online gambling in 2022, especially among women.

Word games

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, chances are you have heard of Wordle. Released in October 2021 to widespread international acclaim, Wordle is a web-based word game that was originally published by software engineer Josh Wardle, before being snapped up by the New York Times. Its premise is simple and based on many other word games, played for years by people wanting to test their brainpower. As a result, many clones and other versions of the game have found their way into the online world and general interest in word games and puzzles has increased.

The popularity of the game comes from the fact it is daily and results can be shared in a simple graphic form, however, it has also triggered people’s interest in logic and language. In fact, the Times reported that tens of millions of new visitors came to their site to play the game, according to Techcrunch, but also stayed for other kinds of puzzles. These types of games, which were once the hobby of grandparents in puzzle books, have now been brought to the fore in a new digital format.


Trivia-type games have always been popular, but perhaps not so much with the younger 25-35 age group. In recent years, digital trivia has become more popular including on platforms such as Zoom. But it wasn’t until April 2022 that trivia took a really big step forward. The world’s largest and most well-known streaming platform, Netflix launched its own interactive trivia game called Trivia Quest. Based on other trivia games and board games such as Trivial Pursuit, the game will take viewers through a list of 24 questions every day for 30 days.

The game brings together additional storylines and quests, as well as testing the brainpower and knowledge of participants. Available on all devices including tablets, phones, and computers, it furthers Netflix’s initial foray into the world of interactive streaming. The giant already has several options for interactive viewing of series including Black Mirror. But trivia’s popularity can also be seen in other ways such as through app downloads where games like Jeopardy!, Trivia Crack 2, and Psych remain popular.