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Technology Is Improving the How Real Estate Agents Do Business

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The global pandemic turned life upside down and folks are still trying to make sense of this new normal. Real estate in particular has had to change how business is done and as a result of this, real estate agents have embraced technology more now than ever to keep business going smoothly. 

These technologies play a huge role in keeping agents on top of things because top agent insights indicate it’s a busy seller’s market and business is booming! Even if you’re hoping for a speedy home sale, the real estate agent you hire will use these tools to get your house sold fast.

1. Virtual tours

Part of the homebuying process, people will go to the properties they’re interested in and they’d walk through it to check it out. Buyers would test various areas of the home, like turning on the lights, flush all the toilets, turn on all the sinks and peek in closets. That changed once the pandemic really hit and people were reluctant to allow strangers into their home. 

This is where virtual tours were super helpful for agents and buyers alike. Agents can take their clients on a virtual tour. The tour will highlight the usual things buyers look at and will give the buyer a sneak peek of the property. If the buyer likes what they see and is serious about putting in an offer, then they’ll ask their agent to set up an appointment for an in-person walkthrough. 

2. Video conferencing

Usually when you’re doing anything in real estate, it’s a forward facing industry – there’s a lot of in-person meetings. However, the pandemic made this extremely difficult. Agents started to rely on video conferencing to chat with clients, contractors, and so forth. Video conferencing may not have the same vibe as in-person meetings but they can get the job done.

3. eSignatures

There are a lot of documents that need to have your John Hancock on them, which usually takes a long time to review them and sign them all. Thankfully agents are using programs like DocuSign and DotLoop that makes it easy for everyone involved with the transaction to sign the necessary documents. 

4. Digital floor plans and staging

Not only do agents now also rely on virtual tours to show properties, they’re also using programs that add to the overall experience. Programs that enable agents to create 3D models of the properties can give buyers a better idea of the flow in the home and the home’s dimensions. Staging programs add another layer to this because agents can place virtual furniture in the rooms that match the buyer’s existing prices. In doing so, the buyer can get a better idea of what pieces will fit in the rooms and what pieces they may have to get rid of.

Welcome to the new real estate experience

You may have bought or sold property in the past, but things are going to be a little different. It does not just have to be a face-to-face, in-person house hunting process anymore. There’s going to be a lot of digital viewings and document signings, video conferencing and virtual closings. This doesn’t mean that things are going to remain this way. Once more of the population has received the vaccine, it’s expected that real estate will revert back to more in-person showing. But, for now, real estate agents will continue to use these technologies and it’s highly likely that these technologies will continue to be part of the real estate industry.