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‘Teen Wolf’ to Conclude on MTV

Series to End After Six Seasons and 100 Episodes

MTV has announced that the upcoming sixth season of “Teen Wolf,” loosely based on the 1985 movie of the same name, will conclude at the end of the upcoming sixth season. Debuting on June 5, 2011, “Teen Wolf” follows Tyler Posey as a teenager named Scott McCall, who is bitten by a werewolf and must cope with how it affects his life and the lives of those closest to him, and Dylan O’Brien as “Stiles” Stilinski, Scott’s best friend.

The final season will premiere in November with a 20 episode run, ending with its 100th episode in November.

“‘Teen Wolf’ has been an extraordinary journey, one that captured the hearts and imaginations of fans more than we could’ve ever imagined,” said showrunner and executive producer Jeff Davis. “We’re eternally grateful for the support we’ve received over these past six years and we’re excited to take our brave fans on one last, thrilling adventure.”