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Telemedicine in Modern World: Benefits and Dangers

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Amidst global pandemic, more and more people are referring to online health care services (also called telemedicine). According to research made by specialists at Software Advice, about 75% of respondents were interested in it. So the demand for such services is pretty high. 

Some medical services have been offered via the Internet for decades, however, nowadays almost a full range of them can be received online. That’s because many people have access to a broadband internet, and there are many technologies and applications allowing healthcare professionals to provide medical help via specialized websites.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients

Distance medicine have the following advantages for patients:

1) Different options to choose: a particular one can use services of their doctor (if this physician practices telemedicine) or refer to on-demand variants offered by other doctors

2) No time and costs spent for getting to a physical clinic, this is very convenient and fast

3) No need to take time or day off at work, so the ordinary daily routine is not disrupted

4) Elimination of issues related to health care for the elderly and children

5) A great access to specialists: one can choose not the closest doctor but the most professional one

6) Better health: because patients can see their doctors as often as they need to, they can enjoy better management of their medication and lifestyle

What Medicines Can Be Sold in Online Pharmacies?

A spectrum of medicines offered via online means is wide and depends on a particular country and its healthcare laws and regulations. In general, the following categories can be indicated when it comes to distance selling of meds:

  • Medications for treating erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra and Cialis;
  • Weight loss medicines like Saxenda injectable, Xenical, and Contrave;
  • Antibiotics used for treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
  • Drugs for women’s health, including contraceptives and hormonal medications;
  • Skin care remedies (antifungals, acne treatments, etc.)

Patients can also buy different types of tests, including coronavirus tests, and so on.

Be Careful When Choosing an Online Seller

Not all medicines can be sold online because of their nature. For example, it is unlikely to find anticancer pharmaceuticals in licensed online drugstores. Some rogue pharmacies even offer regulated substances; however, such practice is illegal. Despite that there are thousands or even millions of illicit pharma websites, and law enforcement bodies don’t have enough capabilities to fight them. So users should exercise due caution when choosing an online seller. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • A pharmacy should have a physical address
  • It should also be registered as an entity authorized to sell prescription medicines, and the fact of this registration should be easily checked
  • There should also be a phone number
  • A website of a pharmacy should be created professionally
  • It also should have long history of operating on the market

Stay safe, be careful and choose the most reliable web pharmacies on the market. Hippocrates said that health is the greatest of human blessings, so should treat it responsibly.