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Television Series Arriving on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in April 2016

New original and off-network series titles for the month of April will appear on the streaming video services Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Several notable comedies are either debuting or returning to streaming services this month.

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Ashton Kutcher reunites with his “That 70’s Show” cast mate Danny Masterson in “The Ranch” (Apr. 1). Kutcher portrays a former semi-pro football player who returns to his Colorado home to help run the family business. Masterson plays Kutcher’s brother, and Sam Elliott and Debra Winger are Kutcher’s and Masterson’s parents. The series is created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson (both from “Two and a Half Men”).

Tina Fey’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” returns for season 2 on Apr. 15. Ellie Kemper (“The Office”) stars in the title role as a former cult member who escaped a 15-years-long captivity to explore a new life in New York City. The new season continues with the aftermath of the trial that put her cult leader in jail.

Former Fox comedy “The Mindy Project” starring former “Office” star Mindy Kaling returns to Hulu with new episodes from its fourth season beginning Apr. 12. Mindy continues her issues with Danny as she ventures in her new business at Shulman and Associates.

Hulu also will release the entire third season of the comedy “Deadbeat”. Tyler Labine portrays a medium (aka ghost whisperer) who attempts to make a profit in helping people resolve their unfinished issues.

Amazon Prime releases the second season of the dark romantic comedy “Catastrophe” on Apr. 8. Sharon Morris as a British woman who convinces her American fling (Rob Delaney) to be with her after she discovers she is pregnant by him. Carrie Fisher also stars.

The following are the series appearing this month on streaming:


  • Netflix Original: “The Ranch” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Netflix Original: “Lost & Found Music Studios” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” season 5 (Apr. 1)
  • Beat Bobby Flay” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Bob’s Burgers” season 5 (Apr. 1)
  • Cutthroat Kitchen” seasons 3-4 (Apr. 1)
  • Fixer Upper” season 2 (Apr. 1)
  • Giada at Home” season 7 (Apr. 1)
  • The Great Food Truck Race” seasons 1-2 (Apr. 1)
  • Giada at Home” season 7 (Apr. 1)
  • House Hunters Collection” collection 3 (Apr. 1)
  • House Hunters International Collection” collection 3 (Apr. 1)
  • House Hunters International Renovation” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Kids Baking Championship” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Love It or List It, Too” season 4 (Apr. 1)
  • Property Brothers at Home” season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Girl Meets World” season 2 (Apr. 10)
  • TURN: Washington’s Spies” season 2 (Apr. 11)
  • Ajin” season 1 (Apr. 12)
  • Netflix Original: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” season 2 (Apr. 15)
  • Cuckoo” season 3 (Apr. 15)
  • Kong King of the Apes” episodes 1-13 (Apr. 15)
  • How to Get Away With Murder” season 2 (Apr. 16)
  • Lost Girl” season 5 (Apr. 17)
  • The Messengers” season 1 (Apr. 17)
  • The Fosters” season 3 (Apr. 27)
  • Danger Mouse” season 1 (Apr. 29)
  • Sensitive Skin” season 2 (Apr. 30)


  • Barbershop” (Showtime) season 1 (Apr. 1)
  • Hulu Original: “11.22.63” series finale (Apr. 4)
  • My Mad Fat Diary” complete series (Apr. 9)
  • Siblings” season 1-2 (Apr. 9)
  • Braquo” season 3 (Apr. 10)
  • Hulu Original: “The Mindy Project” new episodes (Apr. 12)
  • Hulu Original: “Deadbeat” season 3 (Apr. 20)

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Original: “Catastrophe” season 2 (Apr. 8)
  • Amazon Original: “Thunderbirds are Go!” season 1 (Apr. 15)
  • Home Fires” season 1 (Apr. 18)
  • The Widower” season 1 (Apr. 18)
  • Veep” season 2 (Apr. 21)
  • The Great Fire” season 1 (Apr. 27)