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Tesler Review/ Should You Invest In This Platform Or Not?

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It was hard to believe that something we can’t even touch is a currency and works the same. However, later on, the entire world not only accepted it but started trading it as well. Yes, we’re talking about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that you can’t touch but can trade anywhere. 

Different platforms allow you to trade all types of Cryptocurrency and earn profit. One such trading platform is Tesler. This automated trading platform has gained popularity over the years and is now being used worldwide. However, there are some folks who think that it’s a scam. 

For that reason, we tested this platform and traded on it to see whether it was a legit one or not. Now, we’re going to review this Tesler software for you. In this Tesler review, we’ll share the experience that we’ve had with it.

To get everything you need to know efficiently be sure to go through this article until the very end. 

Come on, let’s get to the point.

Tesler Trading Software

Many of you people wonder, especially the ones who’re new traders, what exactly Tesler is. So, simply put, Tesler is a trading platform that allows you to trade in one of the world’s most famous Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many more. 

Unlike other trading platforms, Tesler isn’t run by humans; it’s an automated trading platform run by robots. Yes, you heard that right. The human intervention in controlling this platform is equal to none. Why is that so? 

When humans control any trading platform, they might scam the traders and steal their profit. No, we’re not saying this in the air; such incidents have been reported lots of times. Therefore, in 1949, Richard Donchian came up with the idea of automatic trading. 

Even though the trading platforms were not so advanced then, the idea was great, which today’s expert traders and trading platform owners like Steven Abraham, Tesler’s owner, applied.

In Steven Abraham’s Tesler trading platform, it’s okay if you don’t have time to make a trade yourself; the robots will be doing that for you. They’ll make automatic trades from your account whenever they find a good opportunity. But wouldn’t it be a risk? 

Nope, as the robots are designed in a way that they can analyse the crypto market completely and then make the right trades at the right time. Therefore the success rate of automatic trades in Tesler is 85%, which is huge.

If you ask about the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of trading on Tesler, then it’s 10 out of 10. It means that if you see a good opportunity and you want to buy or sell your coins, then you won’t miss the opportunity just because the platform is slow.

How Does The Tesler Trading Platform work?

The Tesler trading app program offers substantial benefits in addition to its performance, just like other cryptocurrency trading applications. In the first place, it uses an algorithm that allows consumers to trade on the market competitively. The trading software developers also utilise a sophisticated algorithm to provide signals that enable users to trade and secure their trading transactions.

Features of Tesler Trading Software:

It’s time to tell you about the features this trading platform provides you with. Also, we will tell you how these features can be beneficial for you as they’ve worked great for us.

1) Faster Execution

A lot of times, it happened that traders had made up their mind to trade at the right time and would have won thousands of dollars, but just because of the slower execution, they couldn’t make it. Thanks to the Tesler Trading platform as it provides you with Faster execution in trading. 

This means that the trade that you make won’t take so much time to be executed. The cryptocurrency market fluctuates within seconds, so this is the most important feature, according to us. If the platform slows down our trades and executes them slower, then we may end up losing a lot of money. 

2) The Ability To Trade On Multiple Exchanges

We’ve used many different trading platforms before, but most of them were either limited to some cryptocurrencies or would support a single cryptocurrency. It’d keep us from trading in those currencies that were booming at that particular time. 

However, in Tesler, you’re allowed to trade in multiple crypto exchanges that open up new doors for you to succeed in your trade and make a profit. By exchanging in different cryptocurrencies, you increase your profit by 50%. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

3) Live Time Data Collection & Processing

When any trading platform doesn’t show you the live insights of the Cryptocurrency states, it’s likely to be a scam. Because you never know if you’re seeing the real stats or the wrong ones. 

Why are real-time insights important? When you see the live graph of the coin either hiking up or down, you can make better decisions by analysing the stats. But, if the states are wrong, they’re not live, then you’ll end up making a wrong decision that will cause you to lose a lot of money. Luckily, Tesler does have live time data collection and insights so you can make better trades.

4) Trading Options

The Tesler trading app provides a demo trading feature if you’re just beginning to learn about trading. Using the demo trading feature, you can develop your trading skills before trading on the actual market. Furthermore, Demo trading prevents you from losing money on Crypto because of your lack of experience. By demo trading, you can get a better understanding of how the trading platform works.

As a shareholder, you should know how it operates, what your role is, how to invest, and how to profit from it. All of this information can be discovered through easy-to-follow tutorials. 

Moreover, you are given a Demo account with which you can trade without having to invest any of your own money. Apart from that, you are also

You have two more trading options with Tesler, manual trading and automated trading. With manual trading, you are in charge of all your trades. A mode of automated trading, however, is determined by algorithms and bots. In order to make better choices for you, they use advanced algorithms.

5) Great Success Trading Rate

The success rate of Tesler is 85% which is more than enough. Because you don’t have to do anything, most of the work is done automatically by the robot’s setup on the platform. The robots are coded in a way that they can easily analyse the crypto market and then make decisions accordingly. 

However, if you don’t believe in automatic trades, then you can trade yourself as you do on other trading platforms. Tesler allows you to do that as well by manual trading.

6) User-friendly Design

When a beginner uses any trading platform for the first time, he gets scared of the complicated understanding interface. That interface has a lot of things that a beginner takes months to learn and understand. 

Considering this problem, Tesler has such a simple, user-friendly interface that, regardless of the trade’s expertise, it’s easier for them to use and learn. No trader will take so much time to learn how to use this platform and trade on it. 

7) Fee-Free Trading

We’ve traded on such trading platforms, which charge hundreds of fees for only registration. But, Tesler, it doesn’t require you to give any fee and lets you trade for free. 

You just need to set up your Account on the platform and deposit 250UR, which you’ll use for trading. However, if you’re a beginner, then you can set up a demo trading account in which you won’t have to put your own money. You’ll be given some virtual money that you can use to trade and learn.

8) Fast Withdrawals

After you’ve earned a profit from Tesler Trading, you can take advantage of your earnings anytime. After 24hrs of making your request for withdrawal, your funds will be transferred into your account.

9) Low Commissions

Tesler Trading has created a commission for brokers to motivate them to manage your account precisely. As commissions, your brokers receive 0.01 percent of your profits, which is among the lowest in the industry.

10) Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service is a must to have a thing for any trader. The trading platform may have technical errors at any time. Also, usually, traders have to make trades faster to make a profit. 

Therefore, Tesler has a dedicated customer service team that is always there to assist you with any of your issues. You can take their help for 24 hours. That’s awesome!

11) Compatible With Leverage Trading

Leveraged trading is facilitated with Tesler Trading. The use of borrowed funds to increase the amount of trading above what could be achieved using the cash flow of the user is called leverage trading. Your broker can lend the amount of $15,000 in total.

Is the Tesler Trading platform a Scam or legitimate?

Based on Tesler’s feedback, it could be stated that the customers have had issues trading with the app. But, these problems stem from the idea that users don’t have the experience or expertise to be able to trade. In the majority of cases, people who use the platform are trading straight away, without any understanding of what to do in a proper method. 

In addition, they opt for manually-based trading instead of automated trading, and this puts them in danger too. The first investment is $250, and people often make more investments despite not having the right knowledge about trading. The Account gets at risk, and they are unable to earn more than they earn. 

Certain issues may occur when the app is closed, but crypto trading isn’t an enigma that occurs on its own. Without competitive skills, knowledge, patience, and a clear knowledge of how markets function, trading apps will be useless.

How to Register On Tesler?

Now you’re aware of everything about the Tesler trading platform. The next step is to register your account. So, this is what we’re going to tell you about now. Let’s get to it.

1) Sign up

Go to the official site of Tesler and then sign up there and start trading. Currency pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD, as well as US/JPY. For new customers, the minimum deposit is $250. When you become a new client with Tesler Investment, you must submit the required documents to verify your account.

Use the box provided to sign up for Tesler Investment. After you verify your contact details, your accounts will be approved. A reputable broker will ask you for verification of identity and the proof of address.This is an important security measure for all major brokers.

2) Put 250$ Funs in your Account.

For market orders to be placed to place market orders, you first need to open a bank account. There is a minimum balance requirement of USD250, and all orders are made automatically. It is possible to trade prior to checking your Account. However, prior to withdrawing funds, you have to verify your Account.

3) Read instructions carefully

Take a look at the trade instructions booklet and then practice using the demo. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll get an account manager who will help you through the trading procedure.

4) Ready for investment

The robots are always ready for investment, you can relax at home and hang out with your family by enabling the auto pilot trading option. Robots know when they should sell and or buy any cryptocurrency for you. 

This is how easy it is to sign up in Tesler. So, this was our Tesler software review. We hope, it has cleared all of your doubts about this trading platform. 


Tesler is the best trading platform, especially for those who’re starting out. Because they can use demo accounts and learn to trade, and since this platform is automatic, you don’t have to sit in front of your investment insights all day. If you don’t have time, just shift the trading option to autopilot and let the robots do the rest of the work.

Furthermore, Tesla has an 85% success rate in trading, which is excellent. It means that if you invest your money in it, the chances of you earning a profit are greater.

So, that’s it. We hope this Tesler review cleared all of your doubts about it. But, still, if there are any doubts or confusion, we’re always here for you.