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THAW – Your Next Powerful ‘THOR’ Vape Device

Have you ever experienced difficulties while inhaling your cannabis vape? Or does it not respond when you are taking a hit on it? It is most likely that your vape is clogged. The clogging issue has been a major pain for vape users. Let’s dive into what causes the vape to get clogged when all you’ve done is keep it in your pocket or inhale from it.

Solutions to your Vaping Issues

One of the leading causes of the clogging problem is the condensation of the vaping oil. The condensed vaping oil will eventually accumulate in the mouthpiece as you keep on using the vape. The vapor resulting from the heated vaping oil will not be able to pass through. Instead of inhaling your favorite smooth and silky vapor, you will end up getting frustrated from tasting the bitterness of the vape juice.

The second common cause of clogging is the vaping oil that flooded the oil chamber. The longer you store the vape, the quality of the vaping oil inside may be affected and thickened due to constant room temperature exposure. As a result, the viscous vaping oil will get stuck on the heating coil and prevent it from functioning correctly to vaporize the CBD or other cannabis oil.

As a cannabis oil vaporizer producer that prioritizes customer satisfaction, Cilicon is fully aware of this clogging issue and has already created a solution. Cilicon is pleased to introduce you to THAW, the cannabis oil vape that will blow you away by offering the smoothest vaping experience.

What is so special about THAW?

It is ordinary for consumers to doubt this new product, and how does Cilicon make THAW different from other vapes? As stated earlier, the two sources of the clogging issue are closely attributed to thickening cannabis oil due to temperature changes. Cilicon has overseen this root cause and equipped THAW with a temperature control technology that will address the clogging problem once and for all. It can control the temperature in the oil chamber and prevent cannabis oil from over burning.

If the sticky cannabis oil is solidified because of the low temperature environment or long-term uselessness.

Temperature Control Feature

When the cannabis oil is exposed to a higher temperature than optimal, the vapor taste will turn stale and become unpleasant for the consumers’ taste buds. Thus, keeping the oil chamber temperature at a specific range is essential in revamping the whole vaping experience.

V-shape design Feature

The other astonishing feature of THAW is the implementation of the V-shape design on its oil chamber. This design aims to further pamper the consumers with the maximum utilization of the CBD oil they purchase along with the vape. Therefore, there will be no more wasted cannabis oil left on the surface of the oil chamber. Every single drop of the cannabis oil will flow along the slope to Cilicon’s customized heating coil. The material of this heating coil is a specially formulated ceramic that takes the vaping experience to the next level. Not only does it optimally heat the cannabis oil, but it also helps accentuate the taste and smell of cannabis produced from the heated cannabis oil.

Grab Your Thaw and Smoke Like Thor

Cilicon always pays attention to details and believes that every component in vapes is optimizable. Cilicon is confident that THAW is the go-to product that successfully kills two birds with one stone: clogging and overburning oil problems. This product will only leave you with a nice-tasting vapor and prolonged usage.