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The 10 Best TV Shows in December 2022

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When it comes down to TV shows, December usually refers to two things: Christmas specials or prestige shows.

The current era is one of peak TV. It can be difficult to choose what to watch and where to stream it. But, there is so much good TV available.

It’s good news that Decider, like Pepperidge Farm, remembers. We’re here to list the best TV shows in December.

You can get all the top 2022 new TV series right here as the golden age of television continues apace.


Starz released a comedy about four different and equally fashionable Black girlfriends in Harlem earlier this year. It’s called Run the World. Amazon now has its comedy about the four equally fashionable, 30-something Black Harlem girlfriends. Both series share a common main character, who teaches at Columbia.

You know what? They are both charming, funny, and culturally relevant depictions of female friendship, which feel much less redundant. Tracy Oliver writes Harlem of Girls Trip, so you can be sure it has raunchy comic set pieces that make you laugh out loud and characters that stand out on the screen. 

In the first episode, Shoniquia Shandai’s charming wildcard Angie. She’s a singer in distress who’s trying to make it big again after being dropped by her label. This is one of the best TV shows for you in December.

2.The Book of Boba Fett

Disney+ will release The Book of Boba Fett on December 29th. You can include this TV show in your list of best TV shows in December. Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) says, “Jabba ruled in fear, I intend to rule with respect,” in the trailer for Disney+’s The Mandalorian spinoff series. The trailer shows Boba Fett returning to Tatooine as a bounty hunter with Fennec Shand, a fellow assassin (Ming-Na Wen).

The result promises to be a compelling study in leadership. In an interview with Empire Jon Favreau stated that while Boba Fett is an experienced bounty hunter, he has not been able to run a criminal syndicate nor manage forces. So expect to see him dealing with all that comes with power. 

Disney is confident that Fett, a fan favorite from the original Star Wars trilogy and the huge success of The Mandalorian (the first live-action Star Wars TV show), will have a spinoff that will do just as well.

3.Emily in Paris

American ex-pat marketer and social media star Addison Nugent is back for Season 2, just in time to celebrate Christmas. French critics called the first season ridiculous. 58 million households viewed it within its first 28 days. The Emmys and Golden Globes nominations were made. The show was also renewed for another season in five weeks.

Lily Collins’ Emily was getting into Parisian life at the end of season 1. She made friends, fell in love with Parisian culture, and got on well with her work. The teaser trailer shows Emily traveling south to spend time with Mindy (Ashley Park) in idyllic Saint Tropez. 

Fans-favorites such as Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Camille(Camille Razat), and Julien (Samuel Arnold) will all be returning. While Jeremy O Harris, a hotshot playwright, is the most intriguing addition to the cast, it’s also possible that Julien (Samuel Arnold), Julien (Samuel Arnold), and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) will also return.

Emily in Paris’s second season is on Netflix on December 22nd.


This December Pen15 was a complete package. It’s a sad loss for the middle school comedy. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine ended their hit cringe-core series on a high note. They touched on the struggles of teenage boys and parent relationships. 

The highlight of Season 2: Part 2 was “Yuki,” a special episode that paid tribute to Maya’s mom. Although it’s sad to see the end of such the best TV show in December, we look forward to new creations by Konkle and Erskine.

5.Yellowstone season 5

With over 11 million viewers watching the season four finale in 2021, Yellowstone was one of the most-watched shows of the year. Although Costner has been well-known since the 1980s, Yellowstone has given him access to a brand-new audience. 

The wait is finally over because two episodes of Yellowstone’s season 5 premiered on Paramount Network Sunday night. That mean you can watch Yellowstone online.  The Dutton family drama continues, with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) taking office as Montana’s governor, the most significant development.

After waiting months, we finally got our first thorough glimpse at what lies next for the Duttons. The first full trailer was released by Paramount, containing some significant disclosures. 

John Dutton started running for governor last year, and it appears he has won. This would give him significant authority in Montana and put his family on the firing line.

With several twists after season 4, the new teaser captivates with the promise that “everything will be revealed” written across some of our favorite faces.

6.With Love

Gloria Calderon Kellett, who created Netflix’s much-loved but prematurely-canceled remake of the sitcom One Day At a Time, is serving up more warm-hearted family-centered fare with this new series focused on a pair of siblings, Lily and Jorge Diaz, who are on a quest to find the right people for them; Lily has just broken up with her boyfriend and is looking for true Love, and Jorge has finally found a man good enough to introduce to the family. 

The five-hour episodes are set on different holidays throughout the year so the Mexican-American couple can meet new people. Emeraude Toubia, from Shadowhunters, and Mark Indelicato, from Ugly Betty and Hacks, play Jorge and Lily, with Benito Martinez (Sons of Anarchy and How to Get Away with Murder), and Constance Marie (George Lopez), playing their parents.

With Love is one of the best shows released on December 17th.

7.The Witcher

What are you looking for in a TV series? Badass fight scenes? Elaborate lore? Cool monsters? The Witcher has something for everyone, no matter what makes them want to play. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s fantasy story is bigger and more elaborate in its second season. This adaptation is a rare one that retains the essence of the source material and expands its universe to new heights. 

The hit Netflix fantasy series Geralt of Rivia, a witcher or freelance monster slayer, returns in series 2. Henry Cavill’s Geralt met Princess Ciri at the end of season 1. This was a fulfillment of a prophecy that was revealed in the first episode. He must protect her from all dangers, including herself, as war rages across the continent. 

This TV show is based on the Polish author Andrzej SAPkowski’s books and has been a huge success internationally, despite the initial series’ poor reception from critics.

Netflix has renewed the adaptation of this complex, epic fantasy story for a third season. In a teaser interview, EW Cavill teased the series and the paternal relationship between Geralt, Ciri, and Geralt. 

The Witcher season 2will be released on December 17th on Netflix.

8.Search Party

Search Party, one of the most intelligent TV shows, premiered on TBS in 2016. It was then moved to HBO Max for its third, fifth, and final seasons. It starts with a simple plot: a group of twenty-something Brooklynites goes on a quest to find a missing college classmate. But it quickly becomes a scathing, funny, and brutal critique of privilege and millennial culture.

A former college friend goes missing, and four egotistical twenty-somethings become involved in a strange mystery in the dark comedy Search Party. It taps into many genres and references. You can enjoy this TV show in December.


Yellowjackets showcase insane acting talent and a darkly comic thrill ride. Two timelines are used to show the series: In 1996, the story follows a high school soccer team struggling to survive after a plane crash. 

In 2021, the series showed how four survivors try to keep the mystery of what happened out there buried. The TV show’s debut episodes in December only made the mysteries more complex and gnarlier, which instantly elevated Yellowjackets to the top of our must-watch and must-discuss list. Yellowjackets tell the story of toxic teenage girls, cannibalism, survivalism, and deep-rooted trauma. 

Although the premise may seem familiar, it is about a high school girls’ soccer team that crashes in the 1990s. They try to survive in the wilderness and quickly fall into Lord of the Fly’s chaos. Yellowjackets were their own creature thanks to their clever switch between the past and the present. 

A cast that includes several high-profile teen idols from the 1990s, such as Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey, and Christina Ricci, plays the teens as adults. Each of them gives brilliant performances, each dealing with their trauma uniquely. Yellowjackets, a viral hit made even more by weekly drops, has hinted that the creators have a five-season plan for the show.

10.Tokyo Vice

Of the plethora of amazing programs that currently require subtitles, Tokyo Vice ranks high. The TV show in December is loosely influenced by the famous memoir written by Jake Adelstein. He is an American journalist who emigrated to Tokyo in the 1990s to work at the top publication but then got too deep into investigating Tokyo’s criminal underworld. 

This TV show does a great job at achieving the difficult task of presenting the often-overlooked foreign country with genuine nuance, profundity, and authenticity. 

The majority of dialogue in the show is Japanese, and OG actors like Ken Watanabe and Westworld’s Rinko Kikuchi are part of the cast. The real characters are individuals from various Yakuza competing for control in this sprawling city’s shadows.

Final thought

On this list, everyone will find something to enjoy one of the best TV shows in December.

TV shows have proven to be the best form of entertainment during the previous two years, as the pandemic has kept many of us confined to our couches. Halfway through 2022, there is already a fresh crop of TV shows to be thrilled about, including critically renowned half-hour comedies.