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The 3 Perfect Friend Hangouts During the World Cup

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As the FIFA world cup is underway in Qatar, sports enthusiasts are excited to catch the live matches even though they could not visit the stadium, physically. No worries as there are many ways in which you can spend good time with your friends during the world cup.

  1. Catch Live Actions at a Bar:

Most bars screen the matches live on a big screen in-house. The fun part is you will see other football lovers cheering for their favorite team with painted faces. Passionate fans in a crowded bar mean there is no way you will not get caught up in the madness. In fact, popular bars also offer special drinks created only for the match season, which doubles the fun factor of hanging out with friends while enjoying the match.

  1. Gather at a friend’s Place:

With so many streaming services covering live matches, it is unnecessary to step out of the house. You can always plan to gather at a friend’s place, probably the one that has a huge screen, or can arrange for a projector to watch the match on a big screen. The benefit is that you do not have to visit overcrowded bars where the drinks are served at a heightened price on the day of the match. Arrange for drinks at home and enjoy the match together with your friends.

Poker Night:

There are days when you will be immersed in following the matches, but the world cup season is not just about the match days. You can also get immersed in experiencing some gaming fun. Maybe not football, but a poker night is a perfect way to speed evenings with your friends when there are no matches. You need not get bored on such days. The investment to arrange for a poker night is minimal, but the fun is exponential.

Lay down some ground rules so that every player enjoys the game as planned. To make the experience better, get a premium deck of plastic playing cards that is poker-sized so that it feels professional. Poker chips are a must to give the player a premium casino feel. Do not forget the poker mat and essential buttons like the dealer button, small blink button, big bind button, all-in button, and so forth to make it look more authentic. A timer should be arranged to keep a track of bets.

Another fun idea is to arrange for an online poker night, especially when your friends are not physically present with you. There are online poker games you can play with your friends, and also there are trusted casino sites that allow you to play poker with real money. Live gaming is a feature available nowadays that lets you play with a live dealer but through online streaming. These poker tables are arranged professionally to give you the feel of playing in a land-based casino with all bells and whistles. This is why online poker games have become quite popular with gamblers in recent years, as they can be played more frequently because of easy accessibility and high-speed internet availability.

In Conclusion:

According to, The craze of football and other games is going to last till the end of the season due to the heightened adrenaline rush. While enjoying the game in solitary at your place with a chilled beer has its own perks, you just cannot miss the enthusiasm of fellow football lovers by hanging out with your friends at a bar or a restaurant to catch up on a few live matches and feel the rush.