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The 4 Best Methods to Protect your TV When It Is Outside

A TV is costly and important, so it should be protected from the elements in your home when not in use or when it needs to be moved. Several methods prevent your TV from getting damaged by moisture, sunlight, and severe weather conditions. In this article, we will describe and explain the best methods to protect your TV from outside and inside factors. We will discuss all the best ways to defeat all of these types of adverse conditions.

1. The Wall Mount

It is the simplest and most affordable method to protect your TV from outside factors. The wall mount protects your TV from all types of unfavorable environmental conditions. For example, it prevents your TV from being damaged by direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, including rain, dust storms, extreme humidity, and heat. 

Wall mounts are also perfect for protecting your TV during storage or travel. The installation process is simple; you must drill a few small holes in the wall nearest to where the television will be mounted. If you are planning on moving the TV to another location, installing wall mounts at each location is a good idea. 

Wall mounts are affordable, simple, and efficient for protecting your TV from outside factors. The only disadvantage of wall mounts is that they prevent you from getting the optimal viewing or gaming experience. A wall mount can also make the television vulnerable to theft; keeping your TV in a secure area when using wall mounts is important.

2. The Television Cart

Another effective way of protecting your television from outside factors is buying a television cart. It is a self-contained solution to protecting your television from outside elements. In addition, it provides enclosed and secure housing for your TV, preventing it from sunlight and other harmful elements. 

Television carts are ideal for protecting your TV during cold weather, storing the television during storage or travel, and displaying the cable boxes or other media components while the television is in use. They are versatile and can be used where wall mounts can’t be installed. 

They are perfect for displaying goods other than televisions, providing a safe, secure environment to show goods in stores and exhibitions. Furthermore, they ensure that goods are protected against theft because they house valuable items such as TVs inside their security cage or cabinet.

3. The TV Cover

A TV cover is another effective method of protecting your TV from outside elements. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, making them a practical option for protecting your television. One of the most significant advantages of using a TV cover is that they are simple to remove. 

TV covers are also effective for protecting your television during travel and storage. They protect your television from extreme temperatures, dirt, sunlight, and theft, protecting the screen against scratches. 

Like wall mounts, they prevent you from getting the optimal viewing experience you would usually get when using a standard TV stand. They also decrease the viewing angle, which isn’t ideal for big spaces. 

4. An Outdoor TV Lift 

An outdoor TV lift is another effective method for protecting your TV from outside factors. They are self-contained cabins with secure, locking doors that house your television and prevent it from being damaged by the elements. 

They provide easy access to your television and make moving it between locations easy. Not only that, but they also protect your expensive televisions during storage or transportation because they are secure and fully enclosed. 

The only disadvantage of outdoor lifts is that they are expensive, making them ideal for businesses instead of homes or apartments. Investing in an outdoor lift like this is a good idea if you plan on storing or moving the television frequently.


There are several methods to protect your TV from outside elements. They each have their advantages and disadvantages; it is up to the television owner to choose which method is the most suitable for their needs. From protecting during cold weather, outdoor use, travel, and storage, there are several ways that you can protect your TV from outside factors.