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The 5 Best Coffee Documentaries You Can Stream Today

Sit Back With a Nice Cup of Java and Enjoy These Flicks!

Stuck at home in quarantine and wondering what to watch as a fellow coffee lover and how to keep the energy flowing?

We caught up with the guys at SipCoffeeHouse for the down-low on the best documentaries about coffee. Hopefully, we can watch while learning a little about these magical beans in the process! You can also learn more about coffee by reading about the history of coffee here.

Here’s what they had to say:

Coffee Documentaries Are Big Business

Coffee is the second most popular drink in America only after water! As a result, regardless of If you’re interested in the history of coffee or just about how to make a better cup of joe, there is a documentary for you to check out.

Here are the top 5 picks

“Connected By Coffee”

If you’ve wondered about the social impact of the coffee you brew in your thermal coffee maker you will enjoy watching this.

The film covers the story of a couple of coffee roasters on their journey to source beans. Focusing on the fair trade aspect of coffee highlights the impact of a simple change on our side as consumers can have on the lives of coffee farmers.

It’s incredible to see how by us, spending a little bit more can completely alter the trajectory of a community dependent on coffee!

You can watch it via iTunes.

“Barista: The Battle For The Perfect Cup Is On”

We have a competition for anything in life, so why not a Barista championship? That’s right; there actually is such a thing!

Barista documents 5 professional baristas as they compete against each other in pulling the best coffee shot. Watching this is a must for any coffee lover, and if you’ve ever wondered about the craft of making the best shot encircled with crema, then this one’s for you!

It’s not too serious either, so great to kick back and drink a cup of joe too! Check it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Itunes.


If you’ve wanted to see where coffee comes from, but you’re not a coffee expert, then you’ll enjoy caffeinated.

Consisting of a set of interviews with growers, baristas, and more, you quickly get up to speed with the huge variety of coffee sold today.

I certainly felt more knowledgeable about the entire supply chain after watching this.

You’ll need iTunes to watch this one.

“Black Gold”

If you want to watch something with some real substance, Black Gold goes a little deeper. Outlining the impact on coffee prices after the war in Ethiopia, discussing how the social disparity between farmers and consumers is having a huge impact on those producing the coffee for westerners to brew.

One to watch for any real coffee aficionado! Check it out via iTunes.

“The Coffee Man”

Following a barista on his quest to be crowned the world’s best barista, the coffee man shows just the lengths some people go to in the coffee world.

Featuring the smuggling of milk from Australia in order to brew the perfect cup, it’s funny and great to watch! Available on iTunes.

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