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The 5 Commandments Of Dating An NBA Fan

So you’ve touched base with someone on your favourite dating site and already you’re getting a buzz of excitement. You were instantly attracted to their profile photo, and from your online exchanges, they come across as sociable, likable and funny. But as with so many positives, there will, inevitably, be negatives lurking. They do say nobody is perfect. What happens if your new love interest turns out to be a huge NBA fan? The key to continuing with your courtship is knowing how to adapt to this, appreciating the art of compromise when you discover your prospective partner is fanatical about slam dunks, fast breaks, and alley-oops? As long as you adhere to these five commandments that were compiled for you by dating experts from this website, all will be fine.

Never get judgmental about their enthusiasm

The obvious reaction to a new partner becoming apoplectic with rage at something which has just gone down on the court would be asking them to calm down. Or if they happen to be following a crucial encounter on the TV screens in your favorite sports bar, and cheer a winning shot as if they’ve just won the lottery, don’t tut or roll your eyes. Accept they are passionate about NBA and that this is unconditional. After all, if they get so enthusiastic over something as trivial to you as basketball, surely this degree of affection will spill over into other aspects of their life?

The game is everything. Nothing supersedes it

A basketball game is split into four 12-minute periods, with a 15-minute halftime break. Factor into this timescale the fact that when play grinds to a halt, the official stopwatch will also stop, meaning the whole spectacle could well last for two and a half hours. When your partner is glued to the screen, you need to understand that this will be their primary focus of attention. If you suggest turning over to check on the movie on one of the other channels, the assumption will be made that you are having a joke. A rather ill-conceived joke. Don’t even think about making a sly move for the remote control.

Get used to anti-social hours

When an NBA fan is watching Olympic basketball, the FIBA Basketball World Cup, or indeed any major or minor event – in other words, when they are watching any basketball whatsoever on TV – this means you’ll need to curtail planning any other activities. If competitions are liable to drag on for many hours as overtime kicks in, be prepared to go to bed and wait for an indefinite period before your partner eventually drags themselves away from the action. You might think them mad for spending so long drilled to the basketball. They consider the definition of madness being anyone who isn’t watching until the small hours of the morning.

Yes, that memorabilia is necessary

When the NBA fan you are dating heads into their favorite souvenir shop, don’t despair when they select several hundred dollars worth of kit, together with a tiny autographed photograph of their favorite player. Everyone has to have a hobby. You might think them eccentric and could think of a hundred and one better things to spend your money on. They couldn’t.

Never mix up your Lakers and Clippers

Everyone has a favorite NBA team. If you’re dating a fan, the worst thing you could do would be getting this mixed up, especially if they happen to be watching a tense match on a large screen in a bar crowded with other fans, all similarly keyed up for the game, none of whom will be accommodating to anyone’s partner who cheers their bitter rivals.