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The Bad Habits That Can Worsen Plantar Fasciitis Situation 

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If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, you probably know how much pain of pain you need to tolerate in your feet. This plantar fascia is one of the most critical tissues in our leg that runs from the heels to the toes. When this tissue becomes inflamed, you will end up suffering from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. 

Plantar fasciitis can cause mild and severe pain in your feet, which will worsen when you wake up in the morning. The pain will then gradually decrease throughout the day. 

Even if you visit a doctor to address the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, some specific things will worsen situations. While some contributing factors to plantar fasciitis cannot be avoided, you have other things that you’re capable of controlling. 

Many people don’t take proper precautions and worsen the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Here are some bad habits that will make the situation worse. 

You Ignore Your Weight 

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they have plantar fasciitis. Maintaining a healthy weight is highly beneficial to the overall well-being and functionality of our bodies. But do you know that being obese or overweight is one of the most common factors in developing symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

Keep in mind that if you don’t pay close attention to your weight and follow an unhealthy lifestyle, you will undoubtedly make the plantar fasciitis much worse. This is because the excess weight will put a tremendous amount of pressure on the plantar fascia ligament. As per various reports, the plantar fascia won’t be able to function properly under excess weight. Make sure you lose at least 10% of your current weight so that you can avoid putting too much pressure on the plantar fascia. As per Healthline, food addiction is a common cause of obesity

You Don’t Wear Supportive Shoes 

Make sure you wear supportive shoes as often as possible, especially when the symptoms of plantar fasciitis are severe. High-quality supportive shoes from feature cushions that are capable of cradling your feet properly. Not to mention, these shoes also feature enough room so that you can move your toes without any problem. 

Make sure you never wear high heels that put too much pressure on your shoes. Even though flip-flops are one of the best supportive shoes, make sure you don’t purchase cheap-quality products that lack proper arch support. 

Keep in mind that high arches and flat feet can also contribute to the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Consider wearing supportive shoes if you have these conditions. Furthermore, supportive shoes will also help you run properly. 

You Stand for Longer Periods 

Even though you might not be able to control how long you sit or how long you stand at work, consider changing your positions often. You also need to take breaks as often as possible. Additionally, if you work in an environment where you’re in control over how often you need to stand, make sure you avoid staying in one position for a long time. 


These are the bad habits that can worsen the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Don’t forget to contact us if you need supportive shoes.