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The Basgter Versus the Dumpster Rental Company – Which One Is Best for You?

At times people don’t know whether they should choose the dumpster or the bagster for their waste management needs. The best way to arrive at a decision is to compare both. That’s what this article is all about. 

Some of the factors that you need to consider are:

  • The container size

The dumpsters are available in multiple styles and many sizes. It is possible to rent the roll-off dumpster in about 10 to 40 cubic yards, that is a standard size provided from Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental. In terms of size, the dumpster can pack more waste than the bagster. 

Usually, the bagsters are small, and it is apt for the cleaning projects. They get made using woven fabrics, which are either tarp or canvas-like. It can make the bags light and easy to move when empty. The maximum volume that you can place in the bagster is about three cubic yards. 

  • The weight limit

The weight limit is huge between the bagster and the dumpster. When you have a dumpster, the limit is on the size that you select. About a 10-yard dumpster can comprise over 10 cubic yards of debris with 2000 pounds of weight or even a tonne. The bagster can take up a maximum weight of almost 3,300 pounds. 

  • The materials permitted

The things that you can place inside a dumpster and a bagster vary. You can place a lot of waste in the dumpster, such as furniture, household junk, shingles, construction debris, drained appliances, yard waste and electronics. In the case of a bagster, you can only place yard waste or furniture, along with a few limitations. 

The way a dumpster rental work

When you want to rent a dumpster, you need to call the concerned dumpster rental company and place your request. You need to share the details of the waste and decide on the dumpster size based on the recommendation they provide you. Assess all the vital data about the rental, like the rental time and the prohibited items. It would help if you shared when you want the dumpster and when you can release it. 

The way a bagster works

When it comes to using a bagster, you don’t rent it. Instead, you buy the bag. It is a bag meant for single use that you can get from online stores and home improvement shops. The moment you fill it up, you have to get in touch with the waste management company to schedule the pickup. You can do this either online or by phone by sharing your location, content details and address. 

So, are you thinking about which one to select? The answer is it all depends on your requirements. For instance, if you have to manage a huge clean-up project which can have as much as 3,300 lbs. of waste, you can select the dumpster rental. And if the waste quantity is less, the bagster can fit the bill. Assess your needs, and you can decide which one will work best for you.