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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Media

Media, especially streaming and television, are focal parts of our society. We need the media, and it is good to stay informed, especially of election coverage and current events. But, media is also a bit detrimental, especially to mental health. Here, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of media on mental health.

It Can Take Your Mind Off Things

Let’s face it, life is a stressful mess at the moment.

Sometimes, you need to sit back and curl up with a Netflix or Amazon Prime series or something they have on there.

Media is not necessarily a bad thing when used as an escapism. It can reduce stress, and it can make you feel better, especially when battered by bad news.

It isn’t a total replacement for confronting reality, but come on, who doesn’t like getting their mind off the bad things with a fun superhero show? I know I do.

It Can Entertain You

With the pandemic still in full swing, most of us aren’t going out for excessive periods of time. Thankfully, media is there to keep you entertained.

It can be a fun thing to have, and there are lots of great shows still being put out despite the pandemic, so that’s definitely a plus for everyone, especially if there is bad weather, cold weather, or you just don’t want to go outside.

It Can Make You Anxious and Depressed Though

However, it can make you anxious and depressed.

It is mostly based of the type of media you’re consuming too.

Watching TV shows that are positive or interesting aren’t bad, but if you’re sitting there, hysterically looking at the COVID counter, the news, or even election and political coverage, it isn’t good for you.

The media is made to create fear, but also to give you a pleasurable outlet.

It is dependent on the type of media you’re consuming, but do understand that too much of it does have the power to affect your mood, so do be mindful of it when you are looking at it.

It Can Be Addictive

Again, similar to the previous point.

The news is there to keep you informed, but if all you’re looking at is bad things, it’s going too take a toll on your mental health, drain you, and you may shirk on what you are supposed to be doing to look at it.

The media does have that addictive measure to it, and it can give you that temporary dopamine rush in plenty of cases.

That’s why, when consuming media, do be mindful of how much you are.

It is important to stay informed of what’s going on, but it can also be too much, especially for some of us who struggle with staying away from the screen.

Get Help

If you feel like you’re too worried about the media, you’re not alone. Many of us use it as an outlet and crutch to not face the world.

But, there are ways to get help, and to figure out the underlying issue. You can go to to get the assistance you need and to really learn about yourself.

Media is necessary, but it does have its underlying problems. While consumption of media isn’t a based thing, too much of it can be detrimental to your health, so make sure you monitor just how much media you’re consuming, especially in this day and age.

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