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The Benefits of Pre Workout

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If there were only one ingredient in pre workout, it would be caffeine. The same is true for creatine monohydrate, taurine, and beta-alanine. These three ingredients are responsible for the energy boost they provide during your workout. However, they also have different half-lives and effects. To determine which ingredient works best for you, learn more about them. Below is a brief rundown of their respective benefits and side effects.


The primary ingredient in most pre workout supplements is caffeine, and it found in almost all the top products ranked by LA Mag. But unfortunately, these products typically underdose the ingredient. Instead of putting in adequate amounts of each ingredient, companies tend to put a small quantity into each bottle and claim that they’re providing benefits. While caffeine may be an important component, other key performance boosting compounds are just as important. Listed below are some of the best pre workout supplements available.

Creatine monohydrate

Many people believe that taking Creatine before a workout is more beneficial than after, but this may not be the case. Although Creatine is absorbed more efficiently after a workout, taking it before a workout may be too short-term to provide any performance benefits. Another argument for taking creatine after a workout is that it can help replenish depleted muscles and increase muscle growth. But if that’s the case, why would you take a supplement in the first place?


You’ve probably heard about taurine, the ingredient in energy drinks. Usually, taurine is combined with caffeine or other energizing ingredients, so it can help you stay awake and functioning throughout your workout. Bodybuilders are also familiar with taurine, as it has several performance enhancing effects. It can increase energy, focus, and training performance, as well as boost testosterone levels. If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement, you might want to check out 4 Gauge.


Taking a creatine supplement to increase muscle growth is a healthy, natural way to maximize your muscle building workout. You can take a dose of creatine thirty to forty minutes before your workout, and the same dose during the day. You can also take a pre-workout containing creatine in the same time frame. While taking creatine with a pre workout is not a necessary part of your nutrition plan, it does offer a few added benefits.

Creatine oxide

If you’re looking to increase your muscle mass and improve your overall fitness levels, a pre workout supplement with Creatine Oxide can be an excellent choice. It can boost the body’s metabolism and increase energy levels, while providing your muscles with the extra strength they need. Because it’s naturally found in muscle cells, Creatine Oxide has many beneficial benefits, including increasing muscle mass and strength.

Creatine sulfate

There are many benefits to using creatine sulfate for your workout. Among these benefits are increased lean body mass, improved strength, and improved resistance to fatigue. Also, taking supplements of creatine helps prevent the loss of muscle and bone tissue that occurs naturally as we age. Despite their similarities, creatine and pre-workout supplements work differently. Both products contain super-charged ingredients that boost energy and focus during a workout, and can also have adverse effects on the body.


You may have heard of beta-alanine, but were you aware that it is not essential for healthy human beings? This amino acid is gaining popularity among bodybuilders, and has been given the trademarked name CarnoSyn. It has many benefits, including reducing muscle acidity and increasing the ability of muscles to work at high intensities. Another benefit of beta-alanine is that it gives a tingly feeling that makes it an instant favorite with many.