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The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms for Professional Traders to Use 

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With the popularity of the bitcoin, people are rushing towards the brokers for making investment. They are crazy and they are uncontrollable. However, they should not go to imposters to have the jolts of loss. The top crypto currency trading platforms ensure the safest deals with a lot of technical facilities for the subscribers to use the bitcoins for professional trading purposes. A competent trader should choose the best platform to do required activities on the sites to place orders for buying the cryptos. People should go to to have regular notifications, updates and charts for data analysis to select the best online bitcoin trading exchanges. 


Coinbase came to people officially way back to 2012. It is an upgraded brokerage site for bitcoin exchanging. Here, traders are able to transact directly or via the e-wallet system. Coinbase is a cross-device setting and its functionality is great to enable the traders to use the sophisticated mobile apps to open the accounts on their mobile devices. They opt for multiple money transfer options to make payments after the transactions. The deposits and cash withdrawal processes are simple. 

Non-tech investors are not worried when they operate the different currencies for online trading here at Coinbase. Finally, the service charges are low and traders enjoy the higher leverage to borrow the money for long term deals in the crypto trading market. All apps for mobile crypto trading are tested by experts. They approve these tools for safer bitcoin exchanging on the internet. 


In 2013, CEX.IO exchange was introduced to investors. It provides the hi-tech cloud technology. So, you can restore the data for smooth crypto movement from your wallet to another account. It is energy efficient and well-equipped with the modern equipment for hassle-free crypto trading. A large size of bitcoins can be transacted through this top brokerage site. However one downside is that it costs you higher to operate your e-wallet on this unique exchange. Comfortably you can handle multiple currencies like Euro, Dollar and Pound to purchase digital coins like Bitcoin. 


Bitfinex is the latest crypto trading platform with a number of new modifications for the sake of the fair bitcoin trading. It gives faster transaction facility. Apart from Bitcoin, you are also allowed to exchange Ripple, Dash and ETH. The top benefits which this exchange provides are the availability of high liquidity, remarkable leverage rates, multiple currency trading and data security. This brokerage website is suitable for a professional trader who has extensive network to trade. He can buy and sell around 50 pairs of currencies including the faster currency conversion. It is a big exchange for the long term bitcoin trading. However, only minus point is that it can’t support the crypto buying with the fiat currency. 


Bitstamp exchange was launched officially dating back to 2011. Though it is an old infrastructure to trade online, it keeps the process of technical updates for increasing its working flow and potentiality. Right now, people go for the switchover from the superior bitcoin to alternative coins like Ripple. They try to find the best custom brokerage site which supports top currencies like ETH and Dash.

 The best part of this brokerage site is that European crypto investors can connect their Euro bank accounts to Bitstamp e-wallet for easy conversion. Right now, it legalizes the usage of four major currencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin. The technically advanced exchange is not suitable for beginners due to the complexities in operating system. However, if you are a trained and experienced bitcoin trader, you can do your job to buy and hold the coins comfortably on this top brokerage website. 


If you have lost your money by opening the accounts on fake brokerage sites, you should select Kraken for trouble-free transactions. For the Euro crypto exchanging, multiple crypto currency trading and awesome data protection, trader must opt for Kraken. Here they can convert the cryptos into USD, Yen and Canadian dollars. 

Cash App

Recently, Cash App is coming under the spotlight as it is an upgrade bitcoin trading platform. Due to flexible and easy maintenance, people like Cash App. You can withdraw your money to other wallets. You will get your own Cash App debit cards for withdrawals. You can pay vendors, clear medical bills and manage other expenses with the stored currencies. It is a good peer-to-peer platform to work as Venmo. The advanced feature is the ability of the trader to withdraw cryptos to his own wallet. However, one thing is a little bit problematic that traders do not have the power to control the private keys. 

These top-notch crypto currency trading exchanges are reliable and affordable. The 24 x7 customer care support is always near the traders to troubleshoot the complicated problems at the time of moving or buying the multiple currencies. Here, you can read reviews to have updates about the salient features of all these high-rank crypto exchanges.