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The Best English School in Singapore

It must be enjoyable and straightforward to learn. So many online English schools and courses provide excruciatingly slow and difficult-to-understand criteria. There is a reason why a song named ABC is used to teach toddlers their alphabets. There is a reason why reading games exist to educate children to read. Because no one wants to spend the time to study something difficult and dull to learn. The same is true for grownups. We already have a full plate with work, family, and numerous other commitments. So, if we’re going to make an effort to learn English, it has to be enjoyable and straightforward.

Best English school in Singapore

It is hard to imagine anything more annoying for students than the long summer break, usually followed by a new school year. However, Greenfield Community College in Singapore has decided to change the system, taking it out of the classroom and into the jungle.

Students at this unusual English school in Singapore are taught by foreigners speaking their mother tongue instead of traditional classrooms with standard textbooks. The course includes an orientation at Singapore Zoo, where students learn about animals and their natural habitat and survival skills.

According to one of its founders, Rajen Kilachand, this approach helps to teach children “how they may be treated differently because of where they are from.”

The first hour of classes takes place outside on campus. Once class begins, students are separated into groups for private lessons with native speakers, either in the student’s home or in a park.

The problem with most online English schools in Singapore is that their curriculum is outdated and monotonous, making learning English difficult. The majority of online English schools copy curricula from traditional universities and upload the same old, dull classes to the Internet as they did in the past. It is difficult to pay attention in a conventional institution even when you are physically there in the classroom. Being in the comfort of your own home makes it much more challenging to pay attention, and the online classes are generally tedious and uninteresting. In the end, you’re just squandering your money. Learning English is a long-term investment that will pay dividends for the remainder of one’s career.

So, what can you do to select an engaging and excellent online English school to enroll in? First and foremost, allow me to explain something: you require the services of a native American English school. Not only do you require fascinating courses, but you also need a native American instructor. What is the purpose of hiring a native American teacher? Said, the American language is the most widely known around the world. British English and Australian English are two of the more difficult dialects to learn. You don’t want to waste your time learning something that other people will find challenging to comprehend. So you have two objectives here: one, find an American native English school in Singapore or a teacher, and second, choose a school that will make learning English enjoyable and straightforward.

This is an exciting article about studying English outside the jungle because it mixes with the traditional classroom setting. I’ve never heard of this before or even thought you could teach English in the jungle! This is a good idea for shy people to speak up because there are no distractions from other people being able to hear your voice. The only thing that it doesn’t have is interaction with other classmates, but learning how to survive in the jungle would be so cool too!