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The Best EVF Mounts for Your Camera Rig

Despite the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) being a crucial camera accessory for creating stunning footage that is well-framed and composed, the EVF mount is perhaps a more important tool that enables the viewfinder to stay in the proper position.

But the EVF mount is more than a monitor mount. It helps secure your viewfinder and allows filmmakers to attach other accessories to their rig. This makes the purchase decision of an EVF mount a crucial one for creators. 

To ease your buying journey and inform your purchase decision, we took the painstaking task of asking several photographers and videographers of their best EVF mounts for filmmaking and commercial shooting in 2022.

Where Does an EVF Mount Come in Handy?

An EVF mount adds versatility to photographers’ and videographers’ rigs, irrespective of the shooting location. The ability to adjust a viewfinder to suit your shooting conditions helps mitigate errors while filming and also enhances your creativity. An EVF mount is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  1. In Getting Around Shooting Limits

Despite being a helpful tool, there are several instances where a viewfinder gets in the way of your shots. Filmmakers then end up fiddling with the viewfinder instead of focusing on trying to create the best shots. An EVF mount helps keep your viewfinder sturdy while still adjustable to develop sharp and well-framed footage.

  1. Providing Comfort

Photography and videography in extreme conditions can be a stressful affair, and this is particularly worsened when you have an adjustment to the ever-changing position of your viewfinder. By using an EVF mount, you will find that your viewfinder is well-stationed, and the entire rig is more comfortable and stable. This is particularly useful when shooting takes up the whole day.

  1. For Steep Angled Shots

Getting the best footage requires photographers and videographers to explore low angles and their EVF to stay sturdy and in a fixed position. An EVF mount adds rigidity to your viewfinder but still allows for its free movement so that filmmakers can create unconventional shots.

The Hot-Selling EVF Mounts in 2022

Several EVF mounts in the marketplace take various forms and attach themselves to your rig setup differently. But from our correspondence with several photographers and videographers about their best EVF mounts for commercial shooting, we have compiled a list of top-rated and versatile EVF mounts that are budget-friendly.

1. SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with Nato Clamp MD3507

Our first recommendation is an EVF mount that offers superior quality at an affordable price. The SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with Nato Clamp MD3507 goes beyond steadying the viewfinder to provide versatility for photographers and videographers in diverse shooting scenarios. This EVF mount has simplicity at its core and is quite adaptable. The mount’s tightness can be adjusted through the knobs so that users can easily alter its position to suit their needs. It also exhibits high payload support (1.5kg maximum) for just about any type of EVF, yet is still quite lightweight due to its stainless steel and aluminum alloy build.

2. Nitze EVF Mount Kit

Made to be durable, versatile, and yet, with a lightweight form factor, the Nitze EVF-K03 EVF Mount is an EVF mount that caters to the nuances of filmmaking. The mount is 360° adjustable, making it easy to move your viewfinder to any position, and it supports payloads (EVF or any accessory) of up to 2kg.

3. Zacuto Axis Mini

This is a proprietary mount from EVF maker Zacuto but was crafted for use with various cameras. The Zacuto Axis Mini features three tension that enables flexibility in repositioning the mount. This mount is the most expensive of the bunch at $332.

Verdict: SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with Nato Clamp MD3507 is Among the Most Popular Choice

While all three EVF mounts offer exceptional quality for various use cases, the SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with Nato Clamp MD3507 is the best option because it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and versatility while remaining very pocket-friendly.

The SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with Nato Clamp MD3507 has simplicity and functionality at its core as it features a Nato clamp for seamless assembly and disassembly. It also has three pivot points adjustable across 360-degrees, suitable for any shooting position or scene.

Some of the other stand out features include:

  1. Maximum payload support of 1.5kg
  2. 62mm Telescopic adjustment
  3. Lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloy build
  4. Nato rails and clamp

SmallRig is the number one destination to buy photography and cinematography tools. It provides solutions in high-quality and functional camera accessories at an affordable cost.

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