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The Best Games Even Non-Gamers Can Enjoy

The days of video games being an obscure hobby confined to geeky circles are long gone. The number of gamers is continuously increasing worldwide, and even older individuals are picking up a console. However, gaming is sometimes a scary world for novices. 

The intensity of competitive online gaming can easily hamper the enthusiasm of rookie players. Getting the hang of a gamepad or a joystick is just as intimidating to those unfamiliar with gaming. Thankfully, the gaming landscape encompasses many more genres than ruthless soulslikes and complex RPGs. So, from fun party games to chill entries, here are some titles for beginners to try.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cozy games are one of the best introductions to the gaming sphere for those who don’t usually play video games. With no specific objective to reach nor points to score, such games are relaxing by design, if not meditative. While the genre varies greatly, the Animal Crossing franchise is often hailed as the pinnacle of cozy gaming. It is no wonder the latest iteration in the series has become the second best-selling title on the Nintendo Switch. 

A viral phenomenon upon its 2020 release, New Horizons captured the hearts of gamers across all demographics. Developers even named a villager in tribute to one of their most dedicated players, known in the fandom as the Animal Crossing grandma. 

In keeping with its predecessors, this real-time social simulation game grants players absolute freedom to live their island life as they see fit. From fishing to cooking and bug-hunting, players can spend their days however they like. They may also engage in couch co-op with up to three other players to customize their shared island and explore the surrounding isles. Additionally, online multiplayer enables players to visit each other’s islands or invite friends over to chill out virtually. 

Super Mario Party

Perhaps the best-known gaming character of all time, Mario’s reputation extends way beyond the gaming sphere. The success of the Super Mario Bros. movie only solidified this global popularity, setting a new gold standard for all game adaptations in the process. 

From Mario Kart to Yoshi’s Island, most titles set in the Mario universe are beginner-friendly enough to appeal to serious gamers and newbies, adults and children alike. The Nintendo Switch is the most age-inclusive console around, which leads many parents to introduce their children to gaming with Mario games. Some titles even feature multiplayer modes for families and friends to have fun together.

In the case of party games like Super Mario Party, chance plays a major part in the experience. Fortunes can shift instantly, leveling the playing field for all involved. A baselevel understanding of how to handle a control stick suffices to navigate a series of minigames and locations, allowing all players to have fun regardless of their experience and skills.

The Wolf Among Us

Point-and-click games are easily accessible for non-gamers unfamiliar with using a controller or a never-ending list of keyboard shortcuts. Adventure games may also appeal to players looking for riveting narration rather than innovative gameplay. 

With its straightforward investigative segments and interactive dialogue trees, The Wolf Among Us is one compelling murder mystery for fans of gripping detective novels and crime TV shows. In this neo-noir story, players step into the shoes of Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of a community of fairytale-like characters struck by a series of grim murders. This comic book adaptation reached cult status among point-and-click fans, while its gritty take on classic characters led to subversive reimagining like Alice: Madness Returns and Lies of P. 

The iGaming industry followed suit, with software developers rolling out fairytale-infused slots like Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf. Incidentally, even non-gamers can choose from hundreds of online options to shoot their shots at winning real money. Specialized websites publish detailed coverage on how to deal with different slot mechanics and bonus requirements. Players can also learn more about return-to-player percentage to pick the most profitable slot machines. For starters, newcomers may even try their luck at free options to test a platform’s library risk-free. 

Studios and developers work hard to bring new players in. Whether on mobile, PC, or home console, countless titles combine easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics and accessible game design. We could have mentioned many more options, from the wordless adventure of Journey to the wholesome and emotional ride of Unpacking. Long story short, gaming is for everyone, and anyone can become a gamer if given the proper head start.