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The Best Mobile Phone Accessories in 2022 

As we enter the twenty-second year of the 21st century, technology is encapsulating the world. Over the last decade, many new inventions have come to light. However, phones especially have gone through rapid development. They’ve become faster, smarter, and more capable. 

Today most of us can complete light tasks on smartphones. From 2011 until 2021, media consumption through smartphones has grown by 460%.  This blistering growth has set out the need for multiple support accessories to make our phones more functional. That’s why today, the leading mobile phone accessories store in the UK, offers gadgets to enhance your smartphone experience.

The World of Mobile Phone Accessories

We’ll be looking at some of the best accessories of 2022 that enhance the functionality of smartphones.

1. Fast Chargers
Battery life is an essential requirement for all of us. Even though phone batteries have become more powerful, battery drain remains an issue. The leading reason is that our smartphone software and hardware consumes more energy today. With features like 90-120Hz refresh rates, better cameras for crystal clear pictures, enhanced integrated CPUs, even powerful batteries are bound to run out. However, to solve this issue, fast chargers were developed. If you’re checking the Infinix price in Pakistan and looking at buying a new Infinix, a fast charger is a necessity to have! Fast chargers have multiple variants. The strongest ones for android have a capacity of up to 65W, and the one’s for iPhones offer up to 20W. These chargers can charge powerful batteries within a matter of minutes. For instance, the iPhone fast chargers can charge your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes. Additionally, chargers available at the leading accessories store come with an intelligent chipset. It helps protect your phone from overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuiting. There are even sustainable charging cables that have a low carbon footprint!

2. USB Cables

These are extremely underrated accessories. However, to make full use of a fast charger, you’ll need an appropriate USB cable. The best USB cables use zinc alloy connectors. They are made of premium materials to ensure high voltage current can pass through them easily! Additionally, these cables solve the problem of wear and tear. The soft TPE sleeves make these cables extremely lightweight and durable! USB cables from the best online store are multi-functional. They allow you fast charging, quick sync, and rapid data transfer!

3. Power Banks
It is the best solution for every smartphone user needs. If you are a heavy smartphone user, your battery must drain out quickly. This can be a problem, especially when travelling. Finding a charging point is not always easy. That’s why you should use a power bank. These mobile phone accessories have a capacity of up to 10000 MAH. They come with micro-USB and type C dual inputs while also sporting triple Type-C output ports! The type C ports support Quick Charge 3.0 for fast charging. You can also use a power bank to charge two devices simultaneously. Additionally, it is lightweight and portable as well.

4. Screen protectors
Screen protectors have been around forever. However, the ones available today are better than their predecessors. The best online stores offer screen protectors to filter harmful blue light coming from your phone. It helps reduce the strain on your eyes. Additionally, you’ll also find privacy screen protectors. Such screen protectors offer a restricted viewing angle. It’s limited to 45-degrees on either side of the screen. Thus, you can use your phone in public without having to worry about onlookers.

Special Mention
Mobile phone accessories have come a long way. But the oldest of them all is a phone case. If you own an iPhone, we recommend you take a look at the best phone case of 2022, the iPhone 6 case with a Cardholder. This case has a 360-degree magnetic flap with three cardholder pockets. The inner TPU ensures that your phone fits perfectly into the case. Its denim finish offers extra grip for safety! The case is functional and eliminates the need to carry a hefty wallet! If you’re someone who likes travelling light, we recommend this accessory to you!

If you want to get an iPhone 6 case with a cardholder, or any other accessory on our list, head to the best online store today! They have a stellar collection of functional mobile phone accessories for you.