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The Best Netflix Shows on Food and Health 

Meta: Do you love food, cooking and baking shows? Netflix has a great round-up of food shows, plus some which manage to combine eating and healthy living. 

As Christmas rolls around, it’s hard not to get excited about the thought of all the delicious food. It’s the time of year to throw caution to the wind and indulge yourself in an abundance of wonderful gourmet food and sweet treats. Shared with loved ones and friends, of course!

If you need a little inspiration to decide what to get in, or you just want to salivate at the idea a little more, there are some great food shows on Netflix this Christmas. There are also plenty of health shows too, just in case you want to balance up all that planned feasting!

The Chef Show

If you’re looking for ideas, The Chef Show is a great one to start with. Roy Choi is infectiously enthusiastic and joins John Favreau as they showcase the very best of food from all over the US. Combining a cooking show with a docu-series, the format is a unique mash-up which works well. 

Unlike some of the more serious competitive cooking programs, The Chef Show is lighthearted and fun, and shows that anyone can enjoy rustling up delicious food.

After watching, if you are inspired to give it a whirl you can find all the ingredients you need in the Publix weekly ad, a weekly leaflet where you can find the best offers available for your shopping. Scrummy-sounding dishes such as Sweet Nut-Crusted Ham and Sausage-Zucchini Stackers are easy to knock up, with everything you need at a fraction of the price. 

Nailed It

If you’re feeling hopelessly inadequate as you watch the polished accomplishments of cookery show contestants, watch an episode or two of Nailed It and things won’t seem quite as bad. 

Unqualified and distinctly average bakers are thrown in at the deep end in this show which requires them to make complex and highly decorative desserts. Deliberately designed to be comedic, the show isn’t malicious or unkind, and you’ll be laughing along with the contestants by the end of each episode. 

Nailed It helps to recapture the feeling of fun in baking, showing that it’s entirely possible to have a crack even if you’re not the best chef in town. 

Ugly Delicious

David Chang travels around the US, joined by many fellow chefs and celebrities, to sample a wide range of cuisine from different cultures. In each episode of Ugly Delicious, Chang zones in on a different food and examines not just the dish itself, but also its history and cultural relevance. From pizza to tacos, curry and more, it’s an appetising whirlwind that will leave your mouth watering for more. 

The Game Changers

The Game Changers sets out to prove that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. A UFC fighter enlists the help of scientists and experts to try and find the optimal diet for mankind which produces the best performance and physical health. 

There’s particular emphasis on the growing trend for plant-based diets, and why so many people are converts. It’s not an evangelical show designed to make viewers change their mind about what they eat, but an objective look at alternative diets and what happens to the health of those that follow them. 

The Magic Pill 

The keto diet is one that is hugely divisive, eliminating processed food and carbs and encouraging the intake of fats. Those that manage to follow it swear by the weight loss and healthy benefits, but many have described it as faddy and damaging. So which is it?

The Magic Pill takes a closer look at the science behind the keto diet, and in particular whether its approach could boost health as well as weight loss. Humans have long sought for a “magic pill” to boost longevity – could the answer all along have been as simple as avoiding processed food?