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The Best Online Video Editor- 

The perfect video editor that you are looking for is here. is the best online video editor which works for your profit and makes it more relevant to you by converting and compressing video files. You can now easily create and edit videos and audio files by choosing this software. It works for free and lets you focus mainly on video editing. This article mainly focuses on the video editing features of online Uniconverter. 

If you are finding a page that can solve your worries related to editing a video and also giving subtitles to it then you are at the correct place because the online video editor can help you in doing so. It generates subtitles automatically and can help you in finding suitable captions for it even. it is not like it can only give subtitles to your video but is also helpful in editing it also. You can now become a professional video editor just by choosing this simple software.

Editing video easily

If you want to make your video editing skills up to the mark and want to edit videos quickly and easily then you can prefer the online video editor which is suitable for you. It includes all the features of editing the videos including their trimming, splitting, rotating, and many more.  These are encouraged by its users because it has the pictures of flipping the footage, and add fading and fading out effects into the audio.  

These features make its usage more valuable because you can now edit audio with the help of it. You can simply add texts or elements it which will make your video look outstanding. its text option is of another usage because you can edit and add text of different sizes and symbols at a single time.

The online auto subtitle generator for the video and audio function is of greater use because it can automatically generate subtitles or captions for any video. It is not like you are adding simply text to the video but it is a tool that runs online smoothly on iPhone, Android, Mac, or windows browsers. While adding takes to the video you may choose the background as filled or transparent. This is a proper way of customizing the font type, size, color, and even positioning of the video.  You can even trim the video to apply the text overlays on some of the specific scenes and the added text could easily be faded by its effects. 

Add text to the video

Most users find it hard to add text to their videos which can apply for some time and then get dissociated but the application of an online video editor helps the user in having a simple online tool that can help them get rid of these problems. it is suitable for users who want to add text to a certain video and then customize the text according to their usage.

Add audio to the video

Adding audio to video is quite easy and can be done in a few steps because most users prefer it over other applications. this feature is also helpful in dubbing any kind of video which is not in a certain language. To make your background audio sound more professional, you can trim, split, copy, and delete. Also, tap the audio track and click the Fade button to apply fade effects and move the volume slider to retouch the playback volume. Add Audio to Video supports all standard video and audio formats. It works with MP4, AVI, FLV, MTS, WebM, MP3, AAC, OGG, and much more.

Pros and cons of 

Everything has advantages some or other disadvantages. Online auto subtitle generator is one such free video editor that doesn’t leave any watermark on your video edited by you.  It also automatically removes vocals from a song so that you can easily create karaoke and add new vocals to it. This is also helpful in redubbing the video that is already been somewhere. You can even remove the background in just one click of the video and get any picture made of good quality. 

The final verdict

The preference of choosing is numerous as it helps edit the videos and audios. You may get up several functions for free while choosing the software. Most car dealers, Graphic designers, social media, and much more use this software for better results. You can even add text to it As for your preferences and it is an online auto subtitle generator that is reliable to most of its users and best to operate under all conditions.