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The Best Relaxing Games to Keep it Cozy

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The gaming sphere can often feel like a minefield for newcomers and hardened players alike, especially in an online environment prone to less than tactful interactions. While online games actively try to tackle the toxicity that comes with some of their most stubbornly intransigent community members, they remain fiercely competitive at their core. 

But if you’re looking to let loose without boosting your kill count or release the stress of an exhausting workday, there are just as many cozy titles to explore on all gaming devices. So, let’s check some chill video games that are simply about sitting back and winding down.


Dordogne is a virtual trip to the French countryside with a hint of classic French art film. This imaginative escape takes you on a heartwarming time-traveling journey. Playing as Mimi, you jump back to the 1980s to recall your childhood spent with your late grandmother, Nora. Venturing into Nora’s old house, you reminisce the scents, sounds, and panoramas long buried in your memory. A journal helps you keep track of these vivid moments as you retrieve photos and letters, providing Mimi with much-needed recollections kept away from her thus far. 

And as flashbacks from the past collide with the present, it is time for adult Mimi to confront her family’s secrets. While never shying away from dark undertones, this coming-of-age story conveys its narrative in a light-hearted and beautifully nostalgic way. Gorgeous watercolor visuals of the scenic Dordogne countryside only elevate this poignant experience on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

Sky: Children of the Light

In 2012, a unique indie adventure shattered the era’s formulaic gaming landscape. Journey embarks players on a silent ride through an expansive desert to a mysterious mountain hiding the ruins of a civilization lost in time. Ten years later, the game’s acclaimed creators returned with a refreshing take on their previous concept available on mobile, Switch, and PS4. 

Sky: Children of the Light is a free-to-play open-world adventure across seven once-thriving worlds. These ethereal realms now need the Children of the Light to reignite hope by restoring fallen stars to their ancestral constellations. Like its predecessor, this slow-paced social game allows players to befriend one another to unlock new abilities and work together more effectively to drive off the darkness that has engulfed the world. And this poetic tale has more in store, as an animated series is coming in 2024.

Stardew Valley

Available on virtually every gaming platform around, Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. And this resounding success is mostly due to the game’s expansive content and nearly endless replayability. Cultivating crops and forging friendships with town residents, you can live rural life to the fullest in charming Pelican Town. Many entertaining minigames also allow you to take a break from exploring the area and redesigning your farm, from the local saloon’s arcade games to the slot machines and blackjack tables of the Calico Desert casino. 

Players with a knack for casino games may find these minigames a tad lackluster, though. That’s why countless online casinos await. Emerging platforms pop up frequently, drawing newcomers in with attractive bonuses and promotions. Established websites also appeal to regular players thanks to their diverse collection of pokies and tabletop games by leading software providers. And prospective players can check out online reviews and guidelines for free to know which platform to choose. 

Coral Island

Available on PC, Coral Island is an outstanding mashup between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. This reimagining of classic farming sims includes many staples of the genre, from dateable residents to monster-filled caverns full of precious gemstones. But Coral Island puts a fresh – and eco-friendly – spin on the farming formula as it gets you to start a new life on a remote island threatened to be overtaken by an oil company. 

Cleaning the ocean to restore the coral reef is therefore as paramount as tending to your farm’s animals. For your community to thrive, you may also restore heritage sites to their former glory and expand the local museum. While still in early access, Coral Island already packs enough content for both completionist collectors and casual gamers to enjoy.

Relaxing games are in fashion as their easy-to-grasp gameplay and endearing design cater to inexperienced players and seasoned gamers alike. From story-driven adventures that feel like an emotional gut-punch to atmospheric walking simulators, the above games are as cozy as it gets.